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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Oct 5, 2006.

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  1. With the Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea and Wycombe threads turning into general footy banter, I feel it appropriate that general footy chat should have a thread of its own.

    Anyway, to start us off, your comments on the Joey Barton Farce,(fans hurl abuse at that a squaddie would be ashamed off, yet when a player has a go back, the same fans are straight onto the Police!)

    and the fact that Stan Collymore thinks he can still cut it in the Premiership (deluded beyond all realms)

  2. I'll start you off with the Collymore story, oh how I laughed!

    It's hard enough for dedicated professionals at that age (Sherringham springs to mind) to keep fit and sharp for the pace of the Premiership let alone someone who's been retired for 5 years, if he can do it I'll don my hat it'll be a good effort but I think these days he's more Conference South than Premiership.
  3. What about to-morrow with the return of Shrek up front for England.I think England will do ok again and grab the three points on offer,I don't think Macedonia will be able to live with us.I don't think a high score but it should be a comfortable win,fingers crossed.

    Joey Barton marked man by the FA,all power to his arse.You always get some self opinionated home supporter who feels degraded by the away players behaviour,tossers.I remember at Sp**s when Pires was thrown the ball by a yid supporter,he only managed to catch it before it smacked him in the fizzog.When he jokingly went to throw it back at the supporter half the terrace dived behind their seats.Pires is a madman lock him up came the cry from their petrified ranks.The FA dished out a fine FFS.TOSSERS

  4. I'd agree with that but Joey doesn't help himself, I mean you know your a marked man yes it was funny and a bit of banter but really switch on lofty he should of known what would happen!!

    Looking forward to tomorrow and an angry Rooney with a point to prove I think we'll win to I just hope it's a convincing one!
  5. The concern with Rooney may be that he could be too angry/desperate to score. If he's shut out, the bottom lip could come out and cards appear. Anyone got any odds of Glen 'I'm always happy' Roeder lasting at the Toon?
  6. Pardew has to be worried,Argentinian National Coach has declared he fears for his two players at West Ham.He hope's they leave by January even if it means one of them playing for Juve in the Italian 2nd div.He obviously rates the irons very highly.

    Roeder looks safe to me!!!
  7. Lets face it, those Argies at West Ham have hardly set the place alight have they? More like caused massive disruption that will see the Hammers lucky to be out of the bottom 3 buy Xmas. I am willing to bet that Pardew didnt even know they were turning up until a press conference was called
  8. All Spireites are cnuts.
  9. If I was Pardew I'd be worried! After such a great season last year the big black takeover cloud hanging over the club isn't doing them any favours and no points may mean no prizes with the new board if they come in.
  10. I'm sure Pardew's not too worried about them just yet. After all, look what happened after Thierry Henry finally settled in............
  11. True, but Henry's arrival didnt co-incide with a run of six games without a point.
  12. Talking of Henry did I see he stormed out of the after match press conference, now now no one like a bad loser!

    Anyway the England game....... I'm still speechless what a shocking, lacking of balls performance
  13. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Oooops :twisted:
  14. You mean like he was after the Champs league final...
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I see Rom Abramovich is being linked with some bit of skirt. Hopefully Mrs Abramovich might get the hump and divorce him taking half of his billions and then he might give Spartak Chelski the heavo as he's down to his last Billion, and it the Conference for them!!

    I can dream.