Free flights on BA from UK to anywhere 3000 miles away

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by old_bloke, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. Well not quite free, you and your Mrs ,Ms or Russian bint need to both sign up for a BA premium american express card.

    Annual cost is 150 quid but the first thing you buy with the card gives you 6000 miles free flight.

    So what is the legal side ( I looked at the long bit on the site and you can close the account after paying off the card)...

    As I said. So get card, buy something with it, get the 6000 miles , book ticket, go on trip . Pay off and close account.

    What is the legal/credit side to doing this . Is there a trap?
  2. Yes, I'd guess that one of the traps is having to fly with BA, who are expensive, unreliable and don't seem to want your luggage to travel with you.
  3. Be sure you understand what they mean by "miles". Are these the 1760-yard variety, or are they the frequent flyer "BA Miles"? The latter being a different thing altogether. 3,000 of them would get you about as far as Hounslow. And only at 0300 on a Thursday morning in February, and provided you book at least 12 years in advance and want to go there by yourself.

    BA are as tight as they come and don't give ANYTHING away, even to loyal customers, so read the small print with care.
  4. First Prize: win a trip with BA, Second Prize: win two trips with BA....