Free flights fare £0 total fare £167.92

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by dorsetgeorge, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. My neice has announced her nuptials are to be held in June in Norn Ireland, being a tight git I thought get on the web and sort flights now whilst cheap. Flybe special sale and offers = flights for the long haried general and me totally FOC (free of Charge) Fanfuckingtastic, said I, give me a couple of those. Filled in all the crap, Baggage £12, a seat £6.00 each FFS (what if I don't want a seat) DEBIT YES DEBIT card charge £17.00 and taxes take it up to £167.92. So much for the sale. Now I don't think £85 each for return flights from Bristol to NI is too bad, but all this has done is leave me feeling ripped off and ****ing angry. Will try Sleazy jet next. Anyone any suggestions?
  2. Looked at a ferry?
  3. The drive from Dorset makes the ferry unworkable, besdies its an Irish Wedding, I will be pissed for the weekend. The further away I am from a car the better.
  4. Phone a travel agent or keep googling, sometimes budget airlines don't work out cheaper.
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'flybe' - also known as 'maybe' in the channel islands for their charming habit of cancelling flights at no notice if there arent enough passengers to make it worth their while. tbh, whenever I fly now I hardly even bother looking at what they offer - by the time they've put all their bullsh1t charges on (not forgetting the £20 for when you pick a day to fly on with a 'y' in the name) you may as well have just gone BA and saved yourself a lot of aggro. the extra few quid difference is neither here or there IMO when compared to knowing you stand a good chance of actually getting where you're going at the time you wanted.
  6. I looked at Belfast City to Stanstead for that Disney on Ice for me, missus and son and it was something like 17 quid return each with 300 odd quid taxes and charges.

    Well I thought **** Disney on Ice. BMI Baby also fly into the City airport but I think its limited flights.
  7. Any suggestion?

    Yeah, I have one. Stop ****ing moaning.

    For less than 85 quid a head You're going to be propelled from Bristol to the Emerald Toilet- and back- at 400 miles an hour. You'll be there in under an hour. Just having to avoid a 5 hour drive and lunch cooked and served by Poles in a ****ing Little Chef on an A-road outside Rhyl would make it worth it. We're not even talking about the coast of petrol at 1.35 a litre, wear and tear on the motor and being cooped up in a confined space with your missus saying stupid things.

    Secondly, it's ****ing Ryanair! What did you expect? Have you been living in a cave for the last 10 years? Besides, the flight's so short that they probably will only have time to try and flog you one set of scratchcards and I doubt you'll be able to read even half the ads for Estonian knocking shops in the in-flight magazine.
  9. Check if Ryanair still do Londonderry to Bristol, I paid 2p rtn in 2007!
  10. I thought they hadn't brought that in? There was some kind of furore about not having quid coins or some such....... Oh, sorry.
  11. You're doing it wrong, all wrong.

    Don't just see a price for a flight then book it. Research the airline and take a look at their t & c's.

    For instance if i were booking a Ryanair flight tonight i would make sure i had the correct card so i do not pay CC card or debit card fee's, i have a FairFX card to pay with without incurring any card charge's whatsoever. It is free, it cost's me 30p to load £20 onto it, much better than paying £40.

    Your case to be put in the hold, why? How much luggage do you need for a couple of day's? Use a carry on bag, therefore no need to pay to take a case. I went to Cyprus twice last year, not with Ryanair admittedly, in fact i think they fly there now, with carry on luggage, how much clothing do you need for a week at a time in nice hot temp's? T-shit's and short's, sorted.

    taxes? Every single day on Ryanair you can book a flight without paying a penny tax. Just look at their site then if you can be flexible like i can on 4 on 4 off. You can travel for peanuts. In the last two year i must have flown with them at least 25 times, one of my cheap flights was last February to Krakow for £2 return, yes, £2.

    Alos use Cheap flights | Free flight comparison from also Budget Airline FlightChecker tells you when to go for the cheapest price:

    If you spend 30 minutes on research you can fly for almost nothing.
  12. In fact let me know the date's and how many are travelling and i will take a look.
  13. A Worker, Thanks for that, it is only two of us, flying on the 17th June and returning on the 21st June, Departure from Exeter, Bristol or Bournemouth would suit best. Southampton is possible.

    Prefer Belfast City but will go to the International if need be. Any help greatly appreciated as I am a mong when it comes to this crap.

    regards George
  14. Book your flights
    x 1 x 0 x 0
    Fri 17 Jun 2011 07:00 BRS-BFS

    Tue 21 Jun 2011 09:30 BHD-BRS

    Total price =
    No commission to pay –
    book with confidence
    Price is live

    That's a live price from today.

    Use a Visa Electron card where you can get one here; I have used them before and it is a virtual Visa Electron card, but it works for booking flights therefore saving on card fee's.
  15. You must watch this :- YouTube - FASCINATING AIDA - Cheap Flights