Free fiver

I have a fiver to give away - yes folks, free money!!!

I need suggestions for the most worthy cause. Theres a picture of the gelt below.

I acquired this fiver from the girl who sells sandwiches from 12-1300 outside our office. When i got it, its was nice and crisp and obviously fresh from the mint. Unfortunately i left it with the rest of my pocket change in the kitchen, and this little fcuker got hold of it.

Thats right, i need your suggestions on who deserves a fiver that has been through the digestive system of a weimaraner!! If it helps your chosing, i did have to help it out along with a chicken carcas he found in the bin. The brown bits are weimaraner sh1t i couldnt wash off.

Who needs my fiver!! :D
Stonewall, the Gay rights group... they'll appreaciate the money and that "unusually musky scent"
Operator said:
Stonewall, the Gay rights group... they'll appreaciate the money and that "unusually musky scent"
Good point, but i'd much prefer someone who is desperate enough to accept a fiver covered in dog shit and they know its covered in dog shit!!
Send it to Cherie Blair as a contribution towards her next hair do, or to Tone and ask for a peerage in exchange. :lol: and ask for change too
Ah, I may have to the wrong end of the stick there, not entirely sure i can think of anyone suitable, students and chavs spring to mind, but not entirely sure they're worthing giving money to.
The queen is covered in sh*t! Give it to Mark Oaten MP. :D
smithie said:
LoneTree said:
Give it to some coke head . He,ll get more than he bargined for once he takes his first big sniff !!!

The name Pete Doherty springs to mind...

If i burn it, and put it in a baggy its probably worth 50 quid to him. Like the way your thinking smithie!!! But when i think on, is there a charity out there who are desperate enough to accept a sh1t covered fiver? The missus is doing the race for life and i was going to give it to her as sponsorship, but she vowed to cut my c0ck off if i did. I"ll send the fiver anywhere, just make a good case for the weimerfiver
Darth_Doctrinus said:
I've been asked to host this. No problem.

Slopes, you clearly have far too much time on your hands...... :lol: :wink:
A firend of mine signed a jack nicolaus novelty fiver and sold it on ebay for $80.

Maybe you could make some money selling this one as 'GENUINE £5 NOTE, AS SHAT ON BY THE QUEEN'.
Maybe you could donate it to the fund for rebuilding prison toilets so they face mecca, they could even use it to wipe their arse on!

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