Free file transfer programe for Ipod?

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by brettarider, Jul 2, 2011.

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  1. As the title suggests can anyone give the a decent programe for transfers?
  2. Any good for transfering from pc to ipod? ******* hate itunes its for an ipod touch
  3. Try iMacsoft - it works both ways for bulk transfers. But the borg expects you to use iTunes.
  4. ah - do you have an up to date version of itunes?

    works fine with my jailbroken 3GS.

    All this crap is why I moved to an Android phone.... want to put a tune on it, just drag and drop.
    Itunes can suck on my chocolate, salty nuts
  5. Havent put itunes onto the laptop yet I do have Cydia though not sure how to work the thing yet.
  6. Anyone able to explain how to use Cydia?

    Cydia is great once you get to grips with it, from past experiences try not to use winterboard themes as my iPhone kept going into safe mode after a few months. If you google installous and follow the guide on how to use the programe it will help you get any app for free.
  8. Thanks I'll give it a go
  9. Use Blackra1n to jailbreak your iPhone, it's easy. You can then use Cydia et all until you're hearts content.