Free Entry to Northern Monkey rugby games for MOD 90 Holders

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by the_matelot, Jul 15, 2008.

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  1. I've just seen this over on the 'I'm in the RN and am jack as fcuk' group on Facebook and thought it would be of interest to those of you who are fans of Unions inferior cousin :D (prepares for incoming).

    Well done to both clubs for doing this-other clubs take note you tight arsed barstewards.

    I'm up in Leigh in a couple of weeks-I might pop in to a game if they're playing at home.

    The last time I went out in Leigh, I ended up in Toffs. It was an,err, experience!
  2. Great gesture from a couple of the lower league teams.

    A gesture similar to this would be good from the super league teams.

    However due to the financial state of a majority of the clubs I don't think it will happen soon.

    It would maybe bring in more folk to the game, but not enough I fear to boost much needed cash
    into some of the more lowly clubs.

    It is worth remembering that rugby league has far less cash to flaunt about than it's cousin, rugby union
    and the game is like a third world country compared to football.

    When Stuart Fielden left Bradford for Wigan he was the most expensive player bought in rugby league history.
    Wigan bought him for a bit over £300k!!!!!..That ponce Ronaldo will earn that in 2 weeks if he gets his move to Madrid!!!!!

    Enjoy your night out the_matelot.

    Greatest game on the planet.

    Cheers N_W.
  3. LOL i wouldnt pay to go to leigh anyway !!!!