Free entry to Florida Theme Parks for all British soldiers

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by bottleofchips, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. I dont know if people are aware of this but having just returned from Florida on leave I found out that if you go to Sea World, Bush Gardens or Aquatica (Water park) you and up to 4 dependents not only get in for free with your MOD 90, but have your own queue with four kiosks and a MASSIVE sign saying 'Reserved for our Heroes'.
    Everyone else joins the long queus in the heat and look at you in envy.

    If you go onto there website first you click on ticket sales and then concessions, there is a bit that says about free entry for the military.

    I went there about three days ago and asked, rather sheepishly, if it applied to British army and not just septics. I got a warm welcome along with the wife and kids and my ticket had 'Hero...' followed by my name on it, the kids had 'Child of hero....' written on theirs.

    When we went in to see the Killer Whale show in Sea World the bloke at the start announced that everyone owes their freedom to the US and British Military. He didn't mention any other countries like Canada for example.
    He then asked anyone serving in the US or British Military past or present to stand up which was followed by THOUSANDS of whooping, applauding yanks with plenty of high fives all round.

    It's definately worth a visit, I know none of us joined up expecting thanks but its a shame that the only time you get gratitude by the civpop for being in the army is thousands of miles away from your own country.
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  2. Mate same thing at empire state building in new york, free for you and half price for 4 of the family and no queues...........
  3. I got this when I went to Busch gardens, however I paid like a nob, that I was... I also paid for my sister and niece who fecking lived in the USA! gutted, however I was far too embarrassed to stand up, when they asked serving members of the coalition to stand up.... My sister/neice gave me a hard time - but I felt far too sheepish, I just kept a stiff upper british lip... and watched and clapped myself..
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  4. Yep the first thing they asked me for was my ID.

    B&T I tried to be British and not stand up too but my kids forced me too...thats my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!
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  5. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    I have heard of similar with people presenting RBL membership cards, although not being a member I'm not sure whether they have cards or not, so might not be true.

  6. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    On exercise to Ft Benning a few years ago we had to transit through Bangor, Maine which meant getting off the VC 10 and sitting in the main departure lounge in full CS 95 whilst we waited for the aircraft to be refuelled. As I rounded the corner I could hear cheering, whooping and applause coming from the front (there were about 120 of us) and it soon became apparent that there was an official welcoming committee of retired US military personnel, their relatives and the waiting passengers giving us a hero's welcome! Cue red faces all round and lots of Brits trying to play it down.

    On the way back, we got the same treatment but we were a bit more at ease with the whole thing. As cheesy as it was, it was actually really well received and although we plainly weren't Yanks, we were grateful for the attention. Mind you, I can't see that happening at Heathrow!
  7. On a similar theme try the USO.

    They have an office in NYC in the Port Authority Bus Terminal and managed to swing some freebies my way including free tickets for a boat tour around Manhattan Island and free tickets to a massive if totally baffling game of American Football at West Point. Oh and to the Army/Navy rugby game the same evening which was pure gold. Turns out their coach isn't even a coach. He's a Colonel and Director of Rugby Ops. They offer free tickets to Broadway too which would suit a family I would guess.

    The reception at the office was great. They were interested, chatty and couldn't do enough to help. Endless free coffee, coke, biscuits, newspapers and a piano which was given proper Bohemian Rhapsody treatment. Free internet too.
  8. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Another top tip, most main international airports in the US have a lounge for their military personnel to use whilst travelling. Doesn't have to be official travel and can be used at any time. I was in LA a few years ago with a bloke who knew all about them and when we presented our 90s and tentatively asked if we could use their facilities, they couldn't have been more helpful if they tried. Free food and drinks, internet, magazines, telly, games all that sort of thing and plenty of places just to sit and chill out. There is a specific name for these places but for the life of me I can't remember what they're called. Still, if you just ask an airport bod, they'll point you in the right direction.
  9. Yep that was the next thing I was going to mention, I stopped off at Philadelphia Airport for five hours and its called the USO. I dont know what it stands for but you follow the signs to a lift and go down a floor, you get asked for your ID and all the food and drink you can manage is available for free. There are showers, xbox 360's, internet terminals, a widescreen tv with surround sound, leather recliners, blankets, showers, beds and toys for the kids to play with.
    I asked them if I could pass this information on to other British soldiers and got an email from them yesterday saying we can all use it whenever we want to.
    They are not goverment funded they just rely on volunteers and donations.
    Needless to say they got a generous donation from me.
    Anyway, most International Airports in the States have a USO.
    When you think how many hours you have spent at Airports trying to sleep on crap benches and spending a days pay on a cup of tea it's nice to be looked after.
  10. Went to Ohio for a medical thing couple of years ago, all over the plact they were giving stuff away, sea world, baseball tickets, theme parks. Best of all was in a local micro brewery, one of the very cute staff asked my then 5 year old what daddy did, he said "in the Army". She gets the owner (ex-pat jock) who then intoduces us to the whole place, lots of cheering and backslapping and then wouldn't let us pay a penny of the $300 bill (2 families eats and lots of drink). On one hand highly embarassed but made you feel that little bit taller.

    A lot wrong with America but god they appreciate their troops (from what i have seen)
  11. All they do over here is kick our soldiers off the train.
  12. That is a bit unfair. Times are changing and the turnout for homecoming parades is increasing. It is true though that as a British serviceman you will seem to be more appreciated in the USA than the UK.
  13. Quite unfair. Last year I took my son and his friend to the London Dungeon. I asked outside if there was a disabled entrance as I couldn't stand in a queue for over an hour. They took us through the "prebooked ticket" entrance straight to the ticket booth. They told me I would have to pay for myself and the other boy but mys son could go free as a carer. They then asked for a disablity card and the only one I had was my BLESMA card. The guy took one look at it and said; "Free for you sir, you are a veteran. Free for your son as he is your carer and you only have to pay for the other lad. Have a great day sir".

    And I have got half price travel on the river taxis and half price on the Eye avoiding the queue, both on my BLESMA card. There are lots of freebies and discounts in this country for serving soldiers, veterans and the disabled ... you only have to ask!

    OK ... no whooping and high fives but always leaves me with a glow.
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  14. Do they really? How many times have they did this then?
  15. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

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