Free entrance at Football

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by wittonfilms, Sep 16, 2010.

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  1. Will there be enough room? The stands looked rammed!
  2. I'm thinking Arrse field trip. We can finally find out if Cuddles really is the one on Keith Harrison's hand.
  3. Good on them i say!!! It's a pity some of our so called big clubs don't follow Wittons fine example, and do the same thing...But that would mean relinquishing some of their profits for a good cause, and they couldn't possibly do that now could they?? Well done Witton!!
  4. They don't need to!
  5. Exactly my point...Just because they don't need to, doesn't mean they can't or more importantly shouldn't does it? The bigger clubs could quite easily divvy up a few free places, and not feel the pinch. Whereas Witton probably can't, which makes it an even better gesture IMHO. Such is the modern game i suppose?
  6. I would like to see the top clubs offering a certain number of seats to returning lads from abroad for example Liverpool or Everton when D Sqn 1 RTR came 'home' to march.
  7. Or it's a cunning business plan to get a few extra bods through the gates so they make more money at the bar/food stalls?

    They're not doing it out of good will, it's in the name of profit. Think of the cash the bar would make if they got a couple of hundred lashed up squaddies in there....
  8. Ooh you're such a cynic PA!
  9. No denial though....