cheers for that do they deliver to bfpo addresses :?
This isn't a blag for junk mail and email is it?


I hope its a nice surprise and no wind up as I havent had any contract work this year and I cant really buy her (the wife) a nice egg as she wil hit the roof. I am supposed to be training a team next week but it will be too late by then!
Outstanding - cheers for the heads up, brownie points coming from the missus I feel. :D
Cheers short arms
Thanks mate.

Just a note to those thinking they're getting their missus a free egg for Easter - the Ts&Cs say that your egg will be delivered within two weeks after the closing date of 21st March! Better think up your excuses before the weekend. :)
Nice, but I couldn't find any mention or link from Thorntons site about this. Even on the easter and offers section. Really hope you all won't be getting a freshly laid one posted through your letterboxes.
From email received after placing order:-

More thought goes into Thorntons.

Terms & Conditions
Treat Egg is available for UK delivery only and will be posted 2nd class Royal Mail within 2 weeks of the offer end date
To receive a free Treat Egg, customers must enter a valid email and postal address
The referrer gift is a Thorntons Treat Egg, which is available in four varieties (Praline, Champagne, Chocolate Truffle and Caramel)
Thorntons cannot specify which flavour Treat Egg will be sent
Only one Treat Egg is permitted per household and will be sent to the address submitted on the form
There is no cash alternative to this offer
Offer available while stocks last
The person you have recommended will be contacted via email with details on how to claim their Treat Egg
For Easter gift orders to be delivered in time for Easter, please select the Gold delivery option

We wait and see what, if anything turns up :eek: :eek:
I don't eat chocolate very often anyway, so even if the egg is disappointing and arrives late, its a freebie :D and my Mammy will think I'm considerate :D
So Thank you SA

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