Free EducationCourses for Veterans

Might be a long shot but can anyone tell me if there are any free educational courses for us oldies? also, are there any grants from the goverment or any such body? thanks all.
If you're not too interested actually gaining any qualifications, you couldn't do much worse that look around here:

And if you are, then it can at least give you an idea on stuff you might be interested in :)

Edit: you might also be eligible for help from some of the service charities. I approached SSAFA who managed to get me a pretty hefty sum to help me pay the tuition fees for a masters degree & living expenses for that year.

Lots of free online courses. Register for free and you do the course(s) you want to do in your own time, with each module revised and you are tested.
Look at the Digital Literacy and IT Courses - well worth a visit.
There also some good H and S Courses and Brain Training.
I take it you missed out on ELC's? If you registered but didnt take up the offer when you served, you can carry them over to civvy street.

You still have to contribute 20% of the cost but its well worth it as I've managed to use £4000 towards the cost of my degree thus far.


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Not sure what your circumstances are beaker but this may be of use to you:

It is the University of the Third Age - for people who are not longer in paid employment.

Not sure of their stance on veterans but you could check them out.

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