Free DVD Player (& A free DVD)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by BFG 9000, Aug 19, 2004.

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  1. When you buy 3 cases of Coke or Diet Coke or Fanta or Sprite :-
    Viking Direct

    Also a free backpack with any order :-
    click here

    So, £36 ish gets you :-

    A DVD Player
    3 cases of Coke
    Civvi Daysack

    Delivered to your door.



    & a free DVD to watch on it....

    The Long Good Friday :-
    password is sunfriday

    Edit to add free DVD offer
  2. I think the dvd player is this one

    Multi region hack below

    * Turn On the player

    * Press Setup

    * Enter 1, 3, 6 and 9

    * Press Left, Left, Left and Right

    * A new entry appears in the Setup menu called & quot;Version & quot; where you can change the region code with the Up and Down arrows. Changing this value to 0 sets the player region free


  3. Buy 1 pay £10.99 (Pack)
    Buy 3 pay £10.49 (Pack)

    For a case of Coke, etc? Is this a case of 6 or 12?
  4. £36.98 get you all that, i know i just ordered it - Wahoo!

  5. BFG 9000, where did u get the DVD unlocking info from incase its not the Same DVD?

  6. Case's of 24 my friend. the kids will drink that in no time at all (wife is a child minder so can write it all off as expenses). :D

  7. You have it made then :D
  8. Ordered this on Thursday, arrived on Friday morning!!


    DVD player quite good also :D
  9. DVD Player is actually - Technika DVD 253

    A virtual pint of Guinness to the first person to find a multi region hack for it....


  10. Just taken the plunge and ordered one. If I get fecked over, Martha and I are going hunting. 8)

    (Martha is my favourite hunting rifle, and she never misses)
  11. I got the Bush DVD Player as per your previous post!! 8)
  12. Intriguing..... maybe they have a stack of each.


  13. Is her last name Fokker?

  14. Good stuff.