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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Gallopingmajor, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. Want a free subscription to an interesting bunch of Defence magazines that don't just peddle the industry line or MODspeak? G_Defence are offering free subscriptions to their mags ( G3 stuff, G2 int & security and G4 logistics).

    Want to win a Powermonkey solar recharger, a Military Turboflame lighter or some waterless shaving gunk? Sign up and enter the competitions.

    The website is at: Jon Philips - Publications
  2. Free? who pays for them originally?
    I was always under the impression that these publication were a bit like defence focus i.e a bit of marketing/placement/awareness fluff pushed out by a defence industry that had taken so much money out of the procurement process they had to come up with semi sensible ways to justify its expenditure.

    on second thoughts, having given these away for free to HQs and Units across britian, are you now having to show "real" readers to defend continued existance or demonstrate that there is a cyclical "conversation" going on with defence product users?
  3. Smallbrownprivates,

    I sincerely wish I could understand the rather erratic spelling, grammar and more importantly, the exact nature of the point you're trying to make on this issue.

    Free to serving troops and not taking the standard MoD/Industry line, without being the big corporate Jane's types surely can't be a bad thing ?

    Please expand ? I'm getting on in years and am obviously missing your point - enlighten me ?
  4. I'm not sure if this counts as a bite, but just in case:

    Discussions elsewhere on these forums have highlighted the plethora of "free" industry defence magazines as a worthy target of cost cutting.

    The offer from the OP seemed a little too good to be true, hence the thought that named subscribers would be a better justification for the continued existance of a glossy magazine rather than a statement of how many thousands have been given away free.

    The question to ask yourself is who is likely to be purchasing or subscribing to these magazines, and after the 19th of October how many will be continuing to do so?

    Which editor are you? WF or DC? I guess WF. DC looks more like a candidate for the gallping major. This might explain the initials Jon Philips - Team
  5. Jon, Galloping Major, Col Jelloid, or whichever alter ego you dream up next,

    I believe the point he is trying to make is that there is little appetite for the increasing incidence of publications that repeat and regurgitate the same tired old mantras', and which offer the same tired old solutions to problems that do not exist, or problems that are simply the reality of conducting logistic activity. In other words you exist simply to sell advertising and consultancy services. Now perhaps you are unaware of SDSR and the drive to eliminate Defence inefficiencies. I'll let you in on it - part of this drive is to eliminate the swathes of useless consultants and advisors that have got us in the predicament in which we now find ourselves. In short, piss orf.

    PS. On the subject of grammar and syntax the following is an excerpt from the G4 publication - 'nuff said.

    When people think logistics they are thinking of getting a product from A to B. In short they are right albeit partially. Logistics is the science of planning and carry out the movement and maintenance of forces. In its most comprehensive sense, those aspects of military operations that deal with:
  6. Er, I'm still rather confused, both by syntax and the DC and WF elements.

    And what's the significance of the 19th in terms of free subscription ?

    I still can't see the weight of your argument in any direction to be honest.

    And no, I'm neither an Editor or a 'candiaite' (candidate) or the 'gallping' major.

    And where does an OP come into this ?

    I have no axe to grind in any direction. After subscribing, I can't quite see your argument, that's my point.

  7. I think you may have me on the wrong side of the fence. And I'm only too aware of SDSR, thank you.

    And don't have a go at me over the syntax in their G4 publication. I don't have a copy. However: online, free, how can you argue that it has in any way an effect on Civil Cervice inefficiency ?
  8. And who the hell is John ?

    I'm too old for this forum, obviously. Far too confusing.

    I'll just stick to reading some rather well presented magazines, thank you.

    I suspsect, whoever you are, you have an axe to grind yourself.

    Ex-employees perhaps ? I can't stomach sour grapes.
  9. No, the MOD doesn't pay for the G_Defence magazines and neither does the magazine get bungs from the Defence Industry. All Defence Magazines depend on advertising to pay the bills, these are no different, that's the way it works. The G_Defence mags are new and aimed at what the small team who put it together regard as a part of the market that may not really know what is out there and what is being planned, that's you!

    I have no idea if the free subscription will be indefinite, after all, if the thing isn't commercial then it won't last. When did you last come across a Defence Mag that wanted servicemen and women as readers? There are ex service folks on the production team who think soldiers, sailors and airpeople are not really catered for in this area.

    There is no "trick" here. The magazines want informed readers. Boots on the ground are the most informed readers there are, so they are prepared to give you a years worth of free ones to increase circulation and see what you really think. When did MOD or a Defence Manufacturer or the Defence Press last ask your opinion?

    PS the competition goodies aren't bad either.
    PPS Glad you like them Colonel Jelloid.
  10. Whilst we all accept everything in life costs something, some things are a pleasure when paying. To read a free magazine cost the subscriber/reader just time and pleasure of reading an interesting story or article. To the publisher, the pleasure is producing a magazine that is free to read that contains the article or story that the reader enjoys.

    Production and distribution costs for the FREE magazine are covered by advertising rates from companies wanting to promote their wares to the reader.

    However, if the reader does not read the magazine and pass comment or opinions then the companies will not advertise and then the publisher can not afford to print the magazine and as such the magazine will no longer be FREE, it will be dead!

    I read "free" magazines and newspapers as there is always something that will trigger my enjoyment and in doing so I have paid my dues...have you?
  11. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Any particular reason why I shouldn't hole this thread for being extraordinarily dull?

  12. None, do it.
    The number of first time posters who have weighed in to support the OP is interesting, but not that relevant.
  13. Forastero

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    Quite. Off it goes then.