Free Country



I don't think a free country exists!
It's only a matter of time before the thought police are active!
As someone more intelligent than me once said "Someone should remind the government 1984 was a warning not a blue print!
It's not a free country. It's a democratic society where we the electorate vote for corrupt cnuts who then spend their time telling us what to do, what we can and can't say and taxing us for the benefit... that's ******* not free is it?
Has Facebook got an outrageous page again? Shall we set up a Facebook petition to combat this type of thing? Or shall we stop being bothered about nothing?
I'm having a difficult time deciding which I give less of a **** about: this or Whitney Houston going to that Great Crack Den in the Sky.
It is a free country.

You're all free to drive a Porsche and have lunch at the Savoy and see out the worst of the winter in San Marino.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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