Free Computers.

Working with a young veteran, medically retired, RBL done wonders with accomadation etc,
Anybody know where we can get a second hand computer or any charities that can help??
He has not a lot to live on so cannot afford to buy.
Any suggestions greatfully received.
I've just given one to somebody to replace their old (2004!) PC. I've just called him and said I'll do it if I can keep the old one so the lad can have that one if he wants. We're in Germany so could take a while but I've some lads coming to UK soon so they could bring it with them. I'll give me time to clean his hard drive etc. up the best I can. It'll do for surfing the net and that's about it.


I may be able to get one for you from the charity I volunteer with. It's not going to be a games machine. I'll pop in and see if there are any left. Does he need a screen? As I may be able to get one but they don't usually have power supplies or leads
I have a Dell laptop that I intend to replace by the end of the year, which maybe a bit late for this fella though you are welcome to it if you need it. I'm just waiting to see what Windows8 is like before taking the plunge on an Apple.

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