Free CompTIA Network+ On-line Course

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by Cisco_Lab_Rat, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Hello Everyone

    As some of you may know I have a bag and I like pulling the occasional cat or two out of it, I have been running the CCNA course on-line for the past 6 weeks and it has proved to be quite a success, quite a few members of this forum have been joining in so I figured lets do the same for the Network+ course

    So this time I am going to be running the CompTIA Network+ course on-line, the course will be free to attend if you register yourself before the 20th October 2010

    Please Register your place by filling the form on the following link:

    Live On-line Comptia Network+ training

    the form can be found just under the picture of the Big Mac's

    As our Student you'll have access to your twice weekly live webinar sessions were we discuss networking subjects, go over exams questions, run configuration scenarios and have a generally good old chat covering all the CompTIA Network+ subjects.

    Join our growing community of Commsupport webinarians!

    We will cover all of the subjects in the Comptia Network+ so if you want to get your foot into the networking door for free this is your chance

    These sessions really help to motivate and reinforce the subjects that you learnt in the classroom and give you every fighting chance in passing your exams.

    NEXT COURSE START DATE: Monday 3rd Jan 2011 8:00pm (The On-line CompTIA Network+ Course will Run for approx 8 weeks)

    Register Now to reserve your Free place.

  2. No qualification from it though I take it?
  3. Hi PrinceAlbert

    After the sessions are complete the choice is your should you wish to take the CompTIA Network+ exam N10-004.

    I will teach you all the subjects that are covered on the Comptia Network+ courses, but on-line, once that is complete you can go and take the associated exam with a some further revision and only wen you pass will your skills be acknowledged

    Many thanks

  4. i paid quite a few sheckles for this so if someone is offering free tuition i'd say take it, CCNA exam for me next week, so glad it's 82% to pass!!! Comp tia is a worldwide recognised qualification by the way
  5. i have just registered myself & the Mrs
  6. I've registered. Can I do it at my own pace, or is it at set times?
  7. Thanks for registering everyone,

    Dragon825, 100% on the nose, if it's free take it.

    I will run the live sessions every Monday and Thursday evening from 8:00pm until 10:00pm, sometimes we do run a little over if the topics need more in depth explanations or I have plenty of questions to answer on the IM.

    Like with the Free CCNA that I have been running, all the live sessions are recorded for review. there details on the site how to get access to these recorded videos so you can go at your own pace during and after.

    Cheers everyone

  8. Have just registered. However should you get an overflow of people for the free spaces and the situation arises where I may have a space and someone on resettlement has not then drop me and give it to them.
  9. Signed myself up for it.
    Got the latest N+ book gathering dust so will dust it down ready.