Free cash for internet addicts

Was going to put this over in the finance forum but it's a bit quiet over there.

A fellow arrser who values their anonymity told me about this site that pays you to use as a search engine. Just follow the linky:

Take a few minutes to register with them and then just use their site as you would google or altavista. For every 'real'* search you do you get a percentage of whatever the company gets from it. We're not talking instant millionaire here, you get maybe a couple of pence per search but it all adds up and they'll stick it in your paypal account or bank account after you've been with them a while and let it add up.
And if you get your mates to join as well using a link like the one up there :roll: then you'll get a little bit for every search THEY do as well. So anyone that joins from this will be helping to build up MY account (and also the arrser who gave me the link cos it passes back to a mates mate too) so everyones happy.
So lets all make money from looking up crap!! :)

* They do get a bit fussy apparently over people abusing the service so they have filters to make sure you just aren't searching random words or just searching for arrse 2000 times a day! Spoil sports!
I thought this was spam until I saw you come from Milton Keynes, then I thought your post deserved the benefit of the doubt :wink:

Such schemes have been around for donkey's years, and inevitably mean you have to download a "toolbar" or some such crap onto your PC and forfeit all right to privacy. Historically many of them have left some form of malware behind after removal, slowed down internet access and some have even contained backdoors so that people can "zombie" your PC.

Of course, if it gives you a warm glow to know that your PC (and therefore your own IP address) could be being used by some sweaty paedophile chatting with his nonce mates over the internet and sharing pictures of kiddie porn, then you might as well earn a few cents until they cart you off for questioning and pop you onto the sex offender's register. Mind you, in Milton Keynes, that almost equates to an occupation qualification.

As for this "anonymous fellow arrser", whoever he may be, as he is almost certainly getting a cut from anyone he introduces to this tacky pyramid scheme, he's hardly being altruistic. Little wonder he doesn't want to be identified.

No such thing as a free lunch on the internet, mate. If you look at the small print you'll find out that they won't pay out unless you earn at least $20 a month or some other bs, and to do that, you'd have to be clicking on 50 sites an hour for 12 hours a day.
Thanks pyro, although I resent the implication that just because I'm from Gods Own Milton Keynes I might have zero imagination to come up with a decent scam. It IS true that I have no imagination but that's besides the point.

I think you're right on a few of your points. I don't know about the sickos and mdns of the world that might leap on me making a couple of pence misusing my greed to do naughty things but I cant see anything about it in the terms and conditions.
I haven't had to install any new toolbars but you are given a choice to include the search engine as one of your homepages.
You do have to have earnt a minimum of £20 in a month to get your hands on it and it would involve quite a bit of searching but I was never planning on retiring on it anyway. Just let the sheckles build up for Christmas and birthdays and the like.
I've only just started using it but the arrser who linked me to it says that she's been using it a while with no problems and has had some payouts from them. Yes, she will be getting a cut from whatever I search for. So will I if anyone joins from this. Nowt wrong with sharing the wealth. She doesn't want to be identified because your 'real' name is shown from the link and not many people on arrse know her by her real name and she'd like to keep it that way.
The only concern I have had, and I haven't addressed it yet, is how I get my cash from them. I am a bit wary of giving them my bank details so I'll probably link it to my paypal account and get it through there.
Thanks, Mac_UK, the reference to MK was just a little local friendly rivalry!

It's good that you put up the facts there. Just be very careful, as they must have some means of monitoring where you've been, and I have some concerns about that. Let's just say there are some extremely unsavoury types out there on the internet who pay highly for the details of PCs they can use as "zombies", which are in turn used for all sorts of crim activities.

Still, a few quid in the pocket is better than no quid, so if you're going to try this, might be worth signing up for half a dozen at the same time and getting more dosh.

The site mentioned by LordVonHarley is ultra respectable, so might be worth looking at that as well.

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