Free Carvery or Breakfast for serving soldiers or veterans 25th June -30th June

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by POGscribbler, Jun 26, 2012.

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  1. Will you ship it to Canada?
  2. Well that's scoff sorted for Friday one just five miles away and the food is good
  3. Yeah great - the nearest to colly is ****ing 24 miles away in wickford. It will cost me more in fuel and bringing the family ill be on loss. This fish n chip outfit clearly doesnt have any outlets near the major garrison towns.....
  4. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    Another one for this year

    Free carvery or breakfast for Armed Forces Day

    To show our appreciation for the great work of our troops, we'd like to offer armed forces personnel and veterans a free carvery meal or breakfast*, from Monday 24th June right up to Armed Forces Day on Saturday 29th June.