Free C+E course but no pay

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. This MTD reduction etc, is now going far far beyond a joke.

    I've heard soldiers are being offered C+E but only if they do this as C1 training. Let me think this through.....

    Ok, if I had no job and wanted civvie employment as a driver, then okay dookie fine but I'd then become a vocational driver

    Have no intention of ever becoming a full time driver and would only be doing this for the TA, then it's just day light robbery (Yes they do exsist, I had to do C and C+E and have used the license about 3 or 4 times - I had to do the course to please some bean counter in Blandford/Glasgow)

    In RSigs these two situations would be fairly common, many of our drivers trades can't drive at weekends and our operators/techs aren't going to want to be civvie drivers (fozzy - yep it's a broad brush again - I'd settle for it being 60%+ true in most cases).

    Come on, which pillock is going to suggest they are getting a free civvie qualification and that is justification enough for no pay. I may agree for Cat B license but not anything higher - no, not when the only recipient is the Army not the individual.
  2. Why is it a joke? If they want to qualification then they should pay for it themselves. At least the army is paying the expensive bit. They always have the choice to not do it.
  3. I was offered said course as C1 - I honestly thought about it and if I had the holiday to take (at the end of the year) then why the hell not? Unfortunately (or not) I don't have any holiday left and I'm damned as hell not taking it as unpaid!
  4. If you are doing the course in your own time, then you should only use it in your time
  5. The army wants them to have the qualification, not the individual
  6. I'd bite someones hand off for a cat C or D1 driving course.... even if it was C1
  7. even if it had no use to you whatsoever outwith Army life?

    unless it benefitted me AND the army i wouldnt do anythign unpaid.

    luckily i get an extra 2 weeks off from my work so i told them id do ANY course as long as it wasnt trade (class 1) related...answer = FAIL. I couldnt do ANY course

    Signals can poke it, f**ked about enough, transfer papers ooot!
  8. Lets face it, you didn't join the TA for the pay.....if you did then you are a bigger mug then you thought you were. I don't see the problem with this course at all. Agreed, it is not a great state of affairs, but what is under this Labour government? The TA send you on a course, pay for your bed and board but don't pay you for the period of time you are there but you get a qualification that you can use if you ever need to in civvie street.

    Now you see why you are called STABs
  9. bed yes, board no PAYD.

    id pay for a course that benefits me, not one that doesnt. They will send you on a course that they want you to do. Any course i do through work they pay me and pay the course.

    "right david, we want you to do X course, it will benefit us and we will get great use out of it. however we are not going to pay you for the week you are on it" - SHITE!

    when i joined the TA a good few years ago i did join it for the pay! I needed another job and it ticked a lot of extra boxes that the local boozer couldnt. Thankfully i dont rely on the money now (even though they havnt paid me for 2 months straight). That however is not the point, if you have no need for this course in civ land give me 1 reason why you would give up a week to do it?

    AT, i would do that unpaid. I dont want to assume anything here...would a regular soldier do a course unpaid? of course they will get bed and board!
  10. I don't understand when you say it won't benefit you. You still get a civvie Cat C + E licence out of it, so still can drive for civvie companies.

    If its any consolation, after I finished my phase 2 training, I did 2 weeks of driver training, paid, then went to Leconfield to do C, C+E and fams and combats for 4 weeks, all paid. It pays to be a regular ;)
  11. I work offshore, it totally and utterly doesnt benefit me :D

    im playing the "black hat" here (6 thinking hats theory). It may benefit me eventually but not for the foreseeable

    if i was asked to do a course, civvy or TA id expect to still get paid for it. no other employer in the world wouldnt pay you to do a course that they required of you.
  12. The TA is now getting more and more stupid,why should nt you get back to do the course?

    They really need to be careful with the way blokes are getting treated cos b4 they know it loads will leave and stupid Mr Brown will realise the amount of troops we need and wont be able to use the TA in the numbers he has done.

    Herrick s not gonna came down for years yet and then who knows what else may kick off !
  13. [quote="leethelooney]

    I don't understand when you say it won't benefit you. You still get a civvie Cat C + E licence out of it, so still can drive for civvie companies.


    Ok, if I did this course it wouldn't benefit me one bit. You say I get a qualification so I can use it in civvie land. One problem, I work in IT, when would I use it? The answer is never, so it will not benefit me one bit!
  14. I think you will find this has nothing to do with the TA...

    I suspect what has happened is that the C+E courses have been booked and paid for, but because the funding for MTDs has been cut midway through the financial year by the MOD, there is now nobody to go on them...

    So... why not offer up the courses to folk on a no-pay basis, at least somebody can benefit from the money that has already been spent...

    As to common sense or competent management - a bunch of chimps could do better.. :evil:
  15. I understand the frustration but I do take the view that it is not just the TA that will benefit from sending you on this course. The vast majority of people in my unit could do no worse than swap their current job for a decent driving position, or for those who are unemployed it would save them from working in the 'service industry' - "Fries with that, sir"?

    Some, such as me, wouldn't directly benefit in civi street due to me having a very cushy job in IT, pushing top rate tax (with overtime). The benefit for me would be that I am an assett to the unit because I have the desirable (or necessary) C+E category on my licence.

    I chose the TA, they didn't pick me. Warts and all, I'll take it all and do what it takes to succeed.

    Selfless Commitment
    Mission & Mates First, etc.