Free Bus Travel For Veterans In Wales.

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ALVIN, May 3, 2009.

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  1. I have had a meeting last week with the Welsh transport minister Ieuan Wyn Jones, to ask him if he would sanction this proposal of free bus travel as part of the military covident\debt of gratitude. I told him that little or nothing had been done by the Welsh assembley for the veterans of Wales, and that free oyster cards had been already issued to all U.K veterans in receipt of a war pension for free travel around London. He did take me seirously and is now looking into the matter. ------- So watch this space :!:
  2. ALVIN,
    I wrote via Mick Bates (my AM) who forwarded my question to Ieuan Wyn-Jones, and posted the reply HERE

    Not much help I'm afraid - text of letter (dated 31 July 2008) below:
    (P.S. Although living in the hills of mid Wales I received my Veterans TfL Oyster card a few days ago)

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  3. Rockape34, Thanks for that. From what i can make out of the text to your letter you recived "last year" on this subject, it does indeed state that the Welsh Office is proposing to do just that!! Anyway, i will wait for my reply to arrive and find out what the latest score is. (i only saw him on 24th April) He will get a very swift reply indeed if he dares to refuse this "token gesture", --- espesialy now the oyster cards are being issued to War pensioners!! We live in hope my friend. :D
  4. SUCCESS!! ----- From april 2011 the Welsh assembly will extend the critiria for free bus travel, to include ALL war veterans serverely wounded in service, regardless of age. ---- That is great news, and not before time!!
  5. oldbaldy

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    Good news Alvin, well done. However what does this term mean

    Could have either a narrow or wide interpretation. I suspect you have have to wait again to see EXACTLY what they mean.
  6. It almost sounds as though the only veterans who will qualify are the ones too ill or injured to take advantage of it. I'lll try to be a bit less cynical just this once though.
  7. This is who is currently eligible for concessionary travel in Wales. I got the info from a Powys site but it does of course apply nationwide. I'm no expert on the physical (or mental) abilities (or disabilities) of anybody 'severely wounded' but I would imagine that many are already covered by the above. I too am somewhat cynical and it does smell (to me) of you being given something or something very similar, that you actually already have.

    It is a step in the right direction but as far as comparing it to what goes on in London, sadly there is still a very long way to go.

    But once Alvin and Rockape get their teeth into something, you just know there's still hope. :wink:
  8. Pity it won't be a policy in England, still nice to see our taxes put to some decent use in Wales for a change.
  9. This story will be confirmed and covered by B.B.C Wales all day, on wednesday 26th August. : :cheers:
  10. I was about to ask if any of the English had started dripping yet?
  11. Congratulations to Alvin and Rockape34! The Welsh Assembly Government has just confirmed that they are to start discussions with the MoD and other UK Governments about extending the eligibility of military personnel who are entitled to a free bus pass. The news was embargoed until 0600 and I spoke on the Good Morning Wales programme about this just after 0630 this morning.
  12. Wasn't dripping about veterans getting free travel, rather the fact it is being denied to those slf same veterans in England.

    As I said, nice to see my taxes not being squandered on outreach workers for a change.
  13. Don't forget this pass also gives free travel on "The Heart of Wales " railway line all the way from Swansea to Shrewsbury