free brews.......... yep. really !!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by reverend_jim, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. if any of you good felows ever find yourself on the A11 near thetford, norfolk, on your way to STANTA . remember this............

    between the roundabouts, for brandon, and mundford, just after the BP GARAGE is a lay-by, on your left, heading north, towards norwich.

    in this lay-by is a young-man called carl, who runs a tea van. :cheers:
    (think it was called simply scrumptious)

    after a visit for a brew today, i was informed that

    YES... FREE, FREE ,, FREE , (I like the word free! )

    so i had to buy the buns and baps, but free hot drinks are always welcome!! :worship:

    TOP MAN!! obviously a supporter !!! :cheers:
  2. you can get a free brew if you travel on the main routes around New Zealand (the driver) all you have to do is sign the book at a participating cafe. Down side is that its a long way to go for a brew
  3. this is indeed !! :salut:
    dont know whether the fella is ex-hmf or not, but he adressed me correctly as well!
  4. The dog-collar gave you away, Rev.! :D
  5. probably !!!!! :D
  6. Know the area quite well, brilliant part of the country. Often passing by. Love STANTA as a training area, West Tofts, Frog Hill, love it.

    BT. :D
  7. Rev Jim.......I will be going your way soon. to my daughters wedding...will stop bye for a cuppa!
  8. It is a beautiful area round there.
    I got married in BSE, very pretty.
  9. I may have to visit the in-laws just to get my free brew.... :D

    Thanks Rev. :salut:
  10. Heres a better way to get free brew , send the kids out with a torch for an hour or so and spend the next day getting comfortably numb trading the fruits of their labour in . One enterprising young thing down the road was selling the buggers for a dollar (cheaper than paying for the drink).

    toads for beer

    edited for being a mong and forgetting the link
  11. i,ll re-phrase that just to put you in the picture.
    i left the forces in 1995. after 9 yrs regular . served for 3 yrs after with the territorials.
    i,m ex RAChD .
    had to stop with the t/a due to other commitments.
    "no rest for the wicked eh?" :D

    as i was there, i was joined by a group of R/A . as we talked, the young man in the tea van, asked
    "another tea padre? "
  12. Good dogging too, so i heard.

    Edited due to being a mllaaar
  13. He'll soon change that fecker when the next two coachs full of troops going training pull in.