Free brew at Starbucks tomorrow

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RampTramp, Mar 13, 2012.

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    You can get a free latte (that's a milky coffee if you don't know) at Starbucks tomorrow morning.

    Only one per customer, so I have a range of Mr Benn disguises prepared

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  2. After they refused to send Coffee to the army in Iraq, fuck 'em the cunts.
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  3. And Maccies, the IRA supporting twats.
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  4. Yeah fuck 'em all.
  5. Has their"coffee" moved on from the brown coffee flavoured watery pig swill they were serving just last week?
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  6. Just read about it in the Evening Standard. Still, screw them!
  7. I thought that was a misunderstanding and it was their Individual Retirement Account of some other shite like that.
  8. Don't go getting all sensible!
  9. What have the Romans ever done for us?

  10. Caffe Nero!
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  11. Bought Chelsea, Directed films?
  12. Get of the fence !!!

    ...make sure you have your green pen with you !!!

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  13. STARBUCKS!! feckin STARBUCKS!!

    Don't get me started.
    Half the country is threatened with a hose pipe ban, but you can rest assured that their bleedin' "Dipper well" is merrirly pouring gallons of the much sought after ambrosia down the plug hole every minute, in every store.

    FFS, WANKERS!!!!!
  14. I would rather drink beer!!!
  15. It's like shaving foam IMHO CafeNero better and 10th coffee free!