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With Mother's Day this weekend, Endeavour Press is offering Yarah David's sparkling romantic comedy 'Lily: Jetset Misfit' free on Kindle for two days. It is perfect for mum's to relax with.

And we also have Richard Foreman's stunning WWII novel 'A Hero of our Time' free for two days only.

Grab them while you can - on Sunday you will have to pay for them again.

With spring in the air, it is time to get your garden in shape. After a hard day digging, why not read David Boyle's fascinating history of the allotment and its place in Briitsh culture. 'On the the Eighth Day, God Created Allotments' is out this week.

Also coming up is the 30th anniversary of the Falklands. Get a new perspective on that war with Richard Freeman's incisive history of the conflict 'A Close Run Thing'.

Congratulations to Tom Kasey who has been storming up the the thriller charts with his brilliant 'Trade-Off'.

And catch Stewart King's tribute to Bram Stoker in the Spectator.
For masterclass in horror, try his 'Bloodbath on the Titanic'.
Received from Endeavour Press today - if you want the free books they have to be taken today or tomorrow *16th & 17th March) from Sunday you will need to pay for them.

The contributors to the Autumn, Season of Mellow Fruitfulness may appreciate the book by David Boyle (not free though! :frown: )

Happy reading

Good to see it can be downloaded from the site as well.

Cheers for the freebie.
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