Free BFBS WiFi at the COB for Christmas

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BFBS, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. BFBS WiFi at the COB will be free from 12:00noon Iraq local time tomorrow, 21st December, until 12:00 on the 3rd January.
    The WiFi zone covers the New Welfare Village and about 1100 adjacent bedspaces.

    There'll also be a quick link to send messages into the live BFBS TV Christmas messages show on Sunday 23rd, to send on-air Christmas greetings back to Germany or the UK (the show will be streamed live on the web so can be seen in the UK) or anywhere in the Forces world. It's at 1545 GMT, 1845 Iraq local.

    (Any time balances that users have will be carried over - no one will lose prepaid time.)

    :santa: Happy Christmas!

  2. Nice one BFBS!
  3. Cheers, S_D, shame we haven't been able to get our WiFi into Afghanistan yet, or we'd do the same there.
  4. how much does the wifi cost per 24hrs?
  5. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah good result BFBS. I'm guessing now the porn supply has been sorted for Christmas the only thing missing is booze. ;)
  6. It's normally £5 for 2 hours. But you can use 10 mins here and 20 mins there - it doesn't expire until you've used the time up.
  7. sorry, my much does it cost to run the whole wifi network per 24hr period
  8. Ah, now you've got me. I need to consult a techy type person on that one :?
  9. just thinking we could have an whip around and have another free session next yr...but only if home page is set to Arrse!
  10. Nice one, BFBS! :D

  11. Stop wasting time and chop chop with the wireless over in afghan, we're waiting.

    Also, apprently the wifi that we have to pay for runs out within a week, reguardless if we have used the time or not.
  12. We're still trying to get our Radio Station into Bastion and up and running! But we're in a bit of a hurry up and wait scenario... Once we're in, we can start on the WiFi.
  13. Difficult to say exactly. Satellite bandwidth, manpower and kit to install, etc. Difficult to know how to price it when you start out as you don't know how much usage it will get. Our techy people did various bits of modelling based on various guesstimates.... We can always amend the price if it's too high/low to help recoup costs.

    I'm sure we'll aim to make it free again next Christmas. And hopefully we'll have it in Afghanistan then, too.
  14. Wifi is availible in bastion (at the EFI), however you have to pay for it. Why do you not just make it free for 2 weeks?

    Also, there is BFBS Radio in Bastion.

  15. what is the status of BFBS the organisation? is it a private company, agency, charity, govt dept etc?