Free Beer.


Free beer my arse they want more information than you could imagine, in terms of marketing it lazy and unimaginative so they can fuck right off.

Do this, text that, surely its easier just to go to the pub?
A good way to get some 'Free Beer' from the Gullible and Daft in a Bar.... especially Posh Bars.... is to do a bit of 'Walting', tell the Mungs that you are an MI5 Operative just returning from secret mssions in far off Aberdeen.... :yawn:

I used to do this in the 1970s when travelling by train between Edinburgh and London..... either as a 'Deep Sea Diver' off the oil rigs, Deep Sea Trawlerman...... it's surprising how pissed on can get in the Beer Waggon on the London-Edinburgh train..... not sure if anyone ever believed me.... probably just saw another drunken 18 stone squaddie spinning a yarn for some free beer.... :salut:

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