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[/quote]Offers you the opportunity to “Get a taste of our stylish homes and Beer Academy this weekend”. The beer academy seems to be a ‘mix your drinks’ tasting session for various obscure brands.

Of course, this event is being thrown by a property developer so at first glance it appears a bit weird. I can only guess the intention is to get the punters as inebriated as possible before attempting to get them to sign on the dotted line for one of their £120k to £235k developments. While this method is commonly used to get corporate clients to sign contracts, it is less commonly used with the general public as it tends to be prohibitively expensive to get that many people drunk enough to be persuaded
New sales tactic from builders/estate agents?
Link now corrected. Thanks.

I know there's not much time left - just posted for interest, as it's an amusing story, and perhaps indicates that property sales are getting harder.

Delinquent - thanks for your comments!
No, I haven't had a drop today, although the effects of last night's efforts may be affecting my typing :D

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