Free BAFF membership for recruits & trainees

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Recruits and trainees in any branch of the British armed forces now qualify for free BAFF membership.

Background: BAFF is the British Armed Forces Federation, independent professional staff association for all ranks and branches of HM Forces. It has no connection with the Ministry of Defence. It does not operate within barracks (although there are individual members across a wide range of ranks) and you can't use it to 'play the BAFF card'! The idea of a federation is still controversial, although a majority taking part in an ArmyNet poll were in favour: some (especially some retired service personnel) are very strongly against the idea.

To qualify for the offer, you have to have been enlisted and allocated a service number. Free membership is for 12 months from your date of enlistment, so if you have already been in for a few months you can still get some benefit from the offer.

There is no obligation to remain a member after the 12 months are up. You are not asked to sign a direct debit.

For more info, these are some pages on the BAFF website

Recruits and trainees: FREE introductory membership for recent entrants to the armed forces

Benefits and services for BAFF members

Independent professional staff association for HM Forces
In answer to a question received:

The Ministry of Defence and the chain of command have confirmed on several occasions that individual members of the armed forces have every right to join BAFF if they wish. There are, in fact, links to BAFF from official Defence websites. Serving personnel from the ranks of Private to full Colonel (or equivalent) have already joined, as have ex-service personnel from the ranks of Private to 3-star General (or equivalent).

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