Free BAE bikes for children of deployed personnel...?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lanky, Oct 27, 2006.

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    Quote:"If BAE is to grow in the US market in the way it wants to, it is important it is seen as a good corporate citizen - something Mr Ronald and his successor set a great deal of store by. Hence the company's annual Christmas donation of bikes to the children of troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan and its contributions to the tsunami and Katrina appeals."

    The Indy has an interestnig article of the future of Big And Expensive (ooops I meant BAE) in the USA. But what struck me is that it seems to give free bikes to the children of deplpyed US service personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan. Great, I have no problem with that...but do they do the same to the children of British personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan...? I am not aware they do, but I hope someone will post a reply saying that they do. Remember the B in BAE stands for British.
  2. They dont need to win support with the British population.

    Its given to them by default. :roll:
  3. I wonder if any employees of BAE who use this site (I am sure there are many) would like to give us an answer?
  4. I'm sure that some bloody minded lawyer in London could get it described as a bribe to foriegn officials :)

    British-waste-of-space: bunch of cnuts determined to screw as much cash out of the idiots at the MoD as possible. Senior civil servants and several members of the General Staff are uncomplaining about the abuse as they are all praying that if they are 'good little boys' they will be rewarded with a nice directorship or consultancy when they retire (these jollies currently bring in about 1,000-1,500 quid a day).

    but who are the real cnuts: BAE who think of the most expensive and fragile solution to every problem or the MoD for tolerating it for so many decades?
  5. Would you trust your child on a bae bike?It would be nice too see if they did something similar in this country we are the ones who have been subsidising them and using their shoddy products.
  6. Ha ha!! Very good point... though to be fair to BAE your child couldn't get hurt as the bike would arrive ready for a 5 year old to use... by the time they have grown up and left home...
  7. This reminds me of a visit to BAE in Briatol (mid 80s). We had been invited to see the as then, new tracked rapier systems. Wow we thought, MoD splashing out like this! Nope, our guide informed us that it was an order, paid in advance in full, by the Shah of Iran 8O Now because he had been kicked out by a certain iatolla (however you spell it), the government of the day had decreed that the said order could not be shipped. The same said government also said that, so as not to go to waste, we will have for ourselves :D

    In other words, we would never have paid for this piece of kit ourselves :roll:
  8. I think that the implicatuion of this post is illegal under US law, in several breaches of US Law...wel??
  9. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    One reason for you..

    UK Defence budget = X
    USA Defence budget = 1000X

    which is also why

    BAE UK Employee Salary = Y
    BAE USA Employee Salary = 3Y


    p.s. all numbers above are not accurate but are close enough considering the Government paid for them and will never argue anyway whatever we give them.
  10. Unfortunatly, no it doesn't (anymore). BAE doesn't stand for anything, it just is!

    And when looking at overspend, I would not only look at BAE but at the customer who asks for all bells and whistles, changes the whistles for air horns half way through and then doesn't have enough money to pay for what they want. Compile that with the other issues and we all see the outcome!

  11. Do they get the bikes at Easter for four times as much as a normal bike costs and have to send it back to the factory every time they get a puncture because of service agreements?