Free ASHES accommodation

Discussion in 'Travel' started by zazabell_012, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. Hi all

    If any of you plan on coming Down Under for the ashes series, Perth Test (16 - 20 Dec) or the Perth ODI match in Feb 2011 and want free accommodation leave me a message on the thread. So that the mods don't have a hissy fit, the offer is genuine, so is the sunshine. MOD's, if there is an issue, please send me a PM and I will verify.

    The accommodation is 50 mins by train south of Perth, and 200 m from the Indian Ocean, your own bedroom and bathroom....ashes or ODI tickets not supplied....I already have mine, you will have to get your own :). Only ARRSE members who have been on the site 6 months need apply, this offer is NOT open to members of the general public.

    It's first in best dressed, so be quick.
  2. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Thrown in the cost of flights etc and some travel money and I might just take you up on this :)
  3. and a free sheila or two :)
  4. Goodness me, the GFC must have hit hard there! lol

    May I suggest gentlemen, you get your lotto tickets in quick :)
  5. Bunny boiler alert, she'll have you chained to the bed and have that sledge hammer on your legs a la Kathy Bates before you know it.
  6. I see no problem with that.

    Are we still welcome when England thrash the Aussies?
  7. Naaa Jarrod, snake bite would be quicker, and the Great White at the beach would be superb for garbage disposal.....sledge hammers !!!too messy :) Anyway, what's the point if he doesn't have serious $$$$ in the bank and a house in Lake Como? lol
  8. Would love to see the Poms win, it would give me bragging rights at work for the next 10 years lol

    Hope all is going well in your recovery Dingger. All the best to you and your family :)
  9. Thanks zazabell.