Free and fair elections in Afghanistan


A suspiciously high number of women — far more than men — have been registered to vote in culturally conservative provinces where President Hamid Karzai expects to do well, a leading election monitor said this week. An adviser to the top U.S. commander said the black market for voter registration cards is flourishing and that she could have personally bought 1,000.

Monitors said they would tolerate a limited amount of fraud in the Aug. 20 balloting.
Does these elections ever make sense?

"If the level of corruption or violation is under 10 percent, it will be acceptable for me," said Jandad Spinghar, the executive director of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan...
American defeat in Vietnam started from the fraudulent elections.

Among the questionable election figures is the number of Afghans the country's election commission says have registered: more than 17 million. The campaign of former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah — Karzai's top challenger — alleges that there are more registered than eligible voters.

The CIA estimates the population of Afghanistan at 33.6 million, and says that half the population is under age 18.

The number of women who were registered over the last year in Paktia, Khost and Logar provinces is also raising eyebrows, said Spinghar. Afghan males there registered multiple women from their families — as many as 10 or 15 in some cases — and claimed that because of cultural sensitivities the women could not register in person, he said. It's not clear those women exist.

The dominant ethnic group in all three conservative provinces is the Pashtun tribe. Karzai, the leading candidate in a crowded field of three dozen contenders hoping to win a five-year term, is a Pashtun.

Figures from Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission show that 72,958 women registered in Khost compared with 38,500 men
Of course, the USSR...sorry, CIS, is an example to us all on how elections should be run. After all Putin leads the way in how to maintain power
drain_sniffer said:
Of course, the USSR...sorry, CIS, is an example to us all on how elections should be run. After all Putin leads the way in how to maintain power
Moron Putin is not so sly to introduce postal votings.

Btw, mr.Brown could borrow some ideas from pres.Karzai.
I notice their base-level for comparison in terms of fair elections are the US, Germany and France. No mention of the UK...
Daily Telegraph
Taliban threaten to chop off voters' fingers in Afghan election
Insurgents in southern Afghanistan told locals that fingers found bearing the indelible ink used to mark voters would be removed.

"We will know those who cast a vote from the ink, and his finger will be cut off," a commander warned villagers in the south of the country, the New York Times reported.


What the funk has this got to do with us? ----- The next lot who get in, will almost certainly be as corrupt and bent as the current shower in power.

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