Free and fair elections in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Aug 14, 2009.

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    Does these elections ever make sense?

    American defeat in Vietnam started from the fraudulent elections.

  2. Perhaps the best solution would be to allow only the women to vote, and then have the men debate the result in their usual inimitable fashion. :D
  3. Of course, the USSR...sorry, CIS, is an example to us all on how elections should be run. After all Putin leads the way in how to maintain power
  4. Moron Putin is not so sly to introduce postal votings.

    Btw, mr.Brown could borrow some ideas from pres.Karzai.
  5. I notice their base-level for comparison in terms of fair elections are the US, Germany and France. No mention of the UK...
  6. Daily Telegraph
    Taliban threaten to chop off voters' fingers in Afghan election
    Insurgents in southern Afghanistan told locals that fingers found bearing the indelible ink used to mark voters would be removed.

    "We will know those who cast a vote from the ink, and his finger will be cut off," a commander warned villagers in the south of the country, the New York Times reported.
  7. What the funk has this got to do with us? ----- The next lot who get in, will almost certainly be as corrupt and bent as the current shower in power.