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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by fusilier50, Nov 24, 2007.

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  1. i went to my local leisure centre ID card in hand to request my free membership and entry and was refused. When i asked why the assistant manager told me the offer didnt include TA soldiers and just applied to Regular Servicemen.

    I was absolutely furious and subsequently wrote to Councillor Bibby who assured me the offer included ALL servicemen and women. there was no differentiation between Regular and TA. All that was required was the production of a valid ID card. He promised to clarify the rules regarding the offer to the managment of the centre. Soon after i received a call from the manager concerned, offering an abject apology who admitted he had "presumed" the offer didnt include the TA and hadnt actually read the notes that went with it.

    This offer will be heavily utilised by the TA in Bury and already is being added to our training programme and is much appreciated by all our lads.

    The council has responded to the community's wish to show appreciation for our armed forces and hopefully the idea will be taken up by other councils. In fact why dont you cite Bury's example and write to your local councils an drequest the same? If lowly Bury can do it why cant your councils do the same?
  2. Good one, well done Bury!

    Well done for sorting out the TA / Regular thing with the clot in the leisure centre.

    I was going to ask how he could tell from your ID card that you were in the TA, but then thought, boll#cks, why should you not tell that you were in the TA.

    Good news and lets hope that other councils cotton on.
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Absolutely. Crack on!

  4. How can they tell from your ID card that you are TA? Mine doesn't say anything of the sort.
  5. There is a Public pool somewhere in the midlands, where those on rehab got verbal abuse for having one lane roped off just for them.
    SHAME on them civvies who don't have a clue, or a spine!!
  6. I imagine he told him, as you say there's no difference.

    Was he an ex-reg by any chance? :twisted:
  7. i was quite open of my being in the TA a fact i am extremely proud of. He had only "heard about the TA" had no idea in fact which says a lot about how we still come across to the general public.
  8. It's all to do with the actual photograph.

    TA photos tend to show a fat person.

  9. spilled my coffee you twat :p
  10. Mine doesn't....Mine shows the thin person I used to be......
  11. msr

    msr LE

  12. And of course there are no fat people in the Regular Army. Why do you come on the TA forum, when its so obvious you hate the TA.

    Did you catch your lass getting the good news off a TA bloke, who was skinnier than you. Or was he a blimp and she enjoyed it.

    Or was there two of them a fat one (a loggie drv) and skinny one (engineer) and they were doing her together.

    Have I gone to far, sorry!
  13. Bruce

    That was a bit harsh, even Fusilier 50 saw the funny side.

    D'you perhaps think maybe its because there are no regular units stationed in Bury, (unless i am wrong) so good chance only TA are going to use the facilities?