Free 8 week meditation course at Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, London, starts 18/07/11

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by catherinev, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. 10.00am - 12 noon
    'Peace of Mind': Eight week meditation course for military veterans and homecoming service-people led by the London Meditation Project

    Includes a special day on Monday 25th July with Vietnam War veteran Claude AnShin Thomas, author of 'At Hell's Gate' - free copies of his book are available: contact

    On this eight week course you will have the opportunity to learn meditations that can help you connect with your own calm and inner resources. Supportive and respectful training in deep relaxation, meditation and mindfulness-based stress reduction, developing skills to relax more deeply, manage stress and begin to heal invisible wounds of war, in the company of a group of other veterans and service-people.

    Please do your best to commit to attending for the whole eight week course: there will be a process of learning and sharing that will work best with full attendance.

    Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation, 446 Fulham Road, SW6 1DT, 020 7385 2110, and on Monday 25th July only, we will be at West London Buddhist Centre, 94 Westbourne Park Villas, London W2 5EB

    Cost: there is no charge for this course: donations are welcomed
    Please book in advance: places are limited. Book via: London Meditation Project | Peace of Mind: Meditation Events

    For more information contact the London Meditation Project
  2. Thats so kind of you Kate, do you really want to go down that road again.............
  3. It's a new road. Hallelujah.
  4. What road was that?

    Meditation isn't some airy fairy nonsense any more. It has been scientifically proven to have many psychological and physiological benefits. It became science once they were able to measure the effects of meditation. A few examples from the top of my head (and will be googable) are brain scanning techniques. A US University got a sample of students to be brain scanned, and they then underwent an 8 week course in daily meditation. At the end of the course, they were brain scanned again and there were physical changes within the brain. This re-wrote the medical books because prior to which it was thought once the brain was a certain age, it was 'fixed'; but now they know it's plastic.

    Other experiments have been to measure cortisol levels; cortisol is a stress hormone. It's found that after a period of meditation that not only have cortisol levels significantly decreased, that they also remain lower for several hours.

    And mindfulness based stress reduction techniques is pretty mainstream psychiatry these days; I know for a fact that it's used to treat depression with some success.

    This course can't be a 'bad thing', and may change people's lives.
  5. Naïveté is strong in this one, yes.

    Well, this couldn't have come at a better time. Housework is done, husband is sedat... fed, tonight's television is utter rot.

    Let me see now; cold glass of wine, comfy chair, plenty of cigarettes.... Play on.
  6. No, I totally agree, anything that can alieviate someones suffering, or at least make them believe that, is a Godsend.

    I cant find the other thread where Kate was trying to ply us with rubbing us up with Buddhas and virgin Olive Oil, this obviously got Kate a grilling, and my post related to this.
  7. He sounds like an interesting fella...

    Claude AnShin Thomas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    What do I do to get my free book? ;-)
  8. Hang about! I'm sure I've been here before. Oh yeah, Zen. Think of the tiger, the rock and the arrow. And the two priests crossing the river. Remember, Zen is..............
  9. And IS. IS. IS. IS.
  10. Self help section. Think of a busy street, lots of traffic, buses, cars, guys and girls on bikes,people, mums with prams., dogs, cats. At the far corner is a red postbox.

    Start mentally removing all the objects from the street. Do it in your mind. Eyes closed if it helps. When you have the street empty apart from the buildings, the road and the postbox, start removing those, leaving just the red postbox as the remaining picture in your mind.

    Now remove the outline of the postbox so that you are seeing just the red colour. Fade that to gradually lightening shades of pink until it fades to a clear white.This is now like clear sky myopia that pilots suffer from at times.

    You are now meditating, asleep, or dead..
  11. Warning: Never, ever, never, never, never think of onions, (YES, ONIONS) either just before or during any sessions of meditation. It will prevent true meditation taking place. Thinking of onions blanks meditation. Always remember this warning. Do not think of onions before or during meditation. Thinking of onions also prevents hypnotisn. At least, that's what W.O.1 xxxxxx(censored name) told us.
  12. Sorry lads, it's called typographical diarrhoea. I apologise.
  13. Damn, I thought it was the "Modern Military Mother" telling us about some drivel that Hagar her husband has got up to to escape her demented witterings! :-(