Free 4 Day Breaks with Pontins

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Murielson, Jul 8, 2008.

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    Welcome.....Pontin's would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for your service and hard work. To show our appreciation we are offering 2,500 complimentary 4-day action packed family breaks. To find out if you qualify for this great offer check out our how to apply guide below. Just before you do check out our BRAND NEW experience clips and see what Pontin's has to offer...

    We are offering 2,500 complimentary family breaks.
    All breaks offered will be at one of our 5 Self Catering Holiday Centres.
    Accommodation will be a 1 bedroom Classic apartment.
    Breaks will be offered in September or October 2008 and April and May 2009

    The application process will run for 4 weeks beginning Monday 7th July, 2008.
    Week commencing 4th August, 2008 Pontin's will run the selection process and all successful applicants will be notified by email on Friday 8th August, 2008.
  2. Just seen this in the News of the World today and thought it was worth another mention