freddie mercury and george best

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by haggler, Nov 25, 2011.

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  1. Both died on this day ---20 years ago freddie checked out
    And George went to the wine bar in the sky 5 years ago

    20 fackin years --where did it go ???
  2. No contest about which one will be missed though is there. One actually had a talent and used it, the other just threw it all away and expected sympathy for it. I worked with Georges brother for a short while and he was a cunt as well, RIP Freddie.

    You're right though, 20 years? I didnt think it was that long.
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  3. I recall seeing Freddy Mercury being interviewed with Monserrat Cabelle. Freddy said your so cuddly and she replied and there's so much to cuddle.
    What a duet that was.
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  4. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    I was on my B1 signals course at Detmold when the news of Freddie Mercurys death came through, we had an early stack in mourning.

    He may have been a screaming and raging dirty trump pusher but he was a phenomenal showman.

    Just a shame he didn't pin Brian May down and shave his head before he rolled a seven.
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  5. I was stagging on in Government House, Aldershot, stuffing my face with stolen gateau from the kitchens and reading B20. Funny what sticks in your head........and in the case of Big Eddy, up your arse, in his case the handle of the metal spatular borrowed to dole the gateau out.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I was at home on leave when I heard of Freddies death,Radio1 had a tribute to him although I missed it as I went out on the piss..
  7. Best was fooled by a media that, as now, had no scruples or honour, he was suckered into being the Champagne Charlie. a working class kid with immense natural talent. I wish it was me.

    Freddie also had immense natural talent and came from an educated background yet chose not to heed the risks in his chosen kinks. I'm glad I'm not him.
  8. Is the film from 2000 with John Lynch worth bothering with? It was being trailed the other night.
  9. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Saw George Best when I was in London walked past him twice thinking he was a tramp as he was filthy wearing an old mac and drinking fr4om a can at 11:00 Sunday Morning outside a W.H.Smiths.
    Was on the lash in Limassol when we heard about Freddie.

    On the plus side George Michael has got that old aids ridden poof favorite Pneumonia.
    Bagsy I get him in teh 2012 Dead Pool
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  10. I was lucky enough to be at Live Aid, and as a Queen fan, loved every fucking minute of the performance. Freddie proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he truly was the greatest showman to ever grace a stage. The mark of the man is that 20 years on, people are still talking about him, and kids are "finding" his music, and loving it. 20 fucking years, oh fuck I am getting old!!!!!!!
  11. I was there as well, agree 100% on Queen's performance on the day, they were the stars of the whole thing!
    I have a DVD of Queen in Montreal, and it has a bonus of the Live Aid set, magnificent!
  12. I remember watching that performance and what a bloody show. He used to throw legendary parties what lasted for a week !

    Just goes to show you can like the odd puff when you're straight, even Jarrod as mates i believe !
  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

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  14. They were, and still are (IMHO) the best band in the world. No band has come close to them yet. Pure fucking genius.
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