Fred The Shred - Honorary Air Commodore - Sack the Git!

Shred was appointed to Honorary Air Cdre of 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn RAuxAF last year. RAuxAF - like the TA, but in light blue...some RAF Regt RAuxAF have been killed in action. 602 Sqn is ops support/maritime/ISTAR.

In Private Eye as well, he was sniffing around the RAF Club recently. Has he been chucked out of the rest? He's not old enough to be a regular at the RAF Club (Battle of Britain veterans are young whippersnappers there :wink: )

I am sure he fits the snout-trough mould and ticks all the political boxes, but his standards have fallen well below the accepted and he really should have done the honourable thing and borrowed the Mess Webley etc....

Someone will have to do it for him...petition the PM to sack him!
For anyone concerned about DIN-whatever (the ball gag one)

Petitions to the PM are apparently exempt...I think rank etc have not to be used. :roll:
I'll bet HM The Queen isn't graciously pleased now.

Mess Webleys - you will have more chance of a Cabinet Minister accepting responsibility for his/her/its actions.
Apparently Shred was chums with Chief of the Air Staff. I recall reading somewhere that he had an interest in aviation.

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