Fred Phelps must pay $10.9 million to family of dead marine

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Schleswig-Holstein, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Get in! This (apart from a good shoeing) is exactly what Phelps and his cnutish 'church' need....

    see here for details
  2. Outstanding.

    I hope they die slowly of throat cancer.
  3. This is fantastic news, these people are the most disgusting people on this planet. I just can't see how they will be able to afford to pay out $2.9 million to the, over 200 families that they have affected with their dispicable tirades.

    I do pray they all die a very slow painful death!

  4. whilst being dry-bummed by a rather well-endowed young man
  5. The irony is that most of his "family" were lawyers, and they made a lot of cash off of people who would harass them while they were protesting.

    I second Throat Cancer for all!

    PS Greetings. 1st post, American, 10 years in USAF as a (now called) J-TAC.
    Now fixing things for a industrial lab equipment company.
  6. That is quality news

    Saw a programme on them

    Absolute load of cnuts

    Pay up the money you inbred scumbags!
  7. This is good to see. But will they actually be made to pay it or will it be like Britain were they could plead poverty and pay off the ruling at 50p a week?
  8. Even though the judgement is from a federal court the effect of the judgement will depend to some extent on property laws of their home state of Kansas and also on the church structure (i.e. corporation, association, etc)
    The nasty little bastards have vowed to appeal which could drag things out for 2 or 3 years but plaintiffs have a judgement in hand which should enable them to obtain attachment of funds and possible seizure of property pending appeal.

    I would absolutely love to see their assets seized so that they cannot afford to travel around the US desecrating the funerals of men and women who dies for their country.

    What I would also love to see is one funeral at which the press fails to show and the police get busy elsewhere and forget to send even one officer and have a goodly number of the friends of the soldier show up to kick the living siht out of them (quaint American expression).

    Dingerr - very, very unlikely to involve small payments forever. More likely to involve seizing all available assets and the Phelps phucks all go bankrupt. It might involve a lot of ancilliary court cases against each individual member to reach assets.

    One additional note to my British friends. Phelps claims to be Baptist. I am an RC type but I know these people are not representative in any way of the Baptist church in the US. The Baptist church is a large church in the US with a lot of good people. Baptist leaders across the US have condemned these whackos.
  9. I remember watching the Louis Theroux documentary on this very strange bunch of people, 'trying to be polite here'. I couldn't believe that they were dragging their children around holding plaques with all manner of insults on it.

    How did they get away with it in the USA I will never know, as I would have thought that the lawyers could have had a field day against them for all manner of 'hate crimes'

    Glad to see that they have eventually been caught for something - buch of muppets that they are :D
  10. Did you see the Keith Allen one though? Keith standing in centre of 'church's' office, being taken through some bone point by Phelps' daughter (of YouTube FOX fame). Camera switches to new bloke walking in. Daughter Phelps says "This is Alex, my son." Allen waits a bit and says "mmm...isn't he the illegitimate one?" Faantastic. Good. I hope they all starve.
  11. Cheered me up no end when I heard this. May I add my seconded to the comments below.

    Although I am really surprised that some irate relatives have not produced some heavy duty handguns and removed some of these arrses from the scene already.

  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    It is great news that they will be financially ruined. I'm surprised nobody has taken a few shots at them considering it's the USA.

    Theres a video on youtube somewhere of a few of them getting attacked as they run away to their mini bus and a window gets shattered. Whimping cowardly curs as it turns out. No surprise there then. :roll:
  13. Hopefully they'll end up inside and get done in there.
  14. Clicky here

    Good. There arent strong enough words to describe how much I detest this family. I hope they are bankrupt but it would be better if each member was put in solitary and was shot in the stomach before being left to die a slow agonisng death, alone. After all, as they themselves say, everything happens because gods wills it.