Fred Dibnah

Read in the paper today that Fred Dibnah has lost his battle with cancer. I have to admire fred, his forthrite manner, and his absolute passion for engineering and the history of engineering were an inspiration to many. RIP Fred.

God Bless Fred.

I remember as a kid watching Freds antics on Calander most nights.

A loss to English culture and heritage.
SKJOLD said:
A proper bloke!
I think thats what i liked about fred most, plane and simply a proper bloke. I watched a program recently with him digging a cladded pit shaft in his back garden, complete with pit head and winch. Watching him deal with the council planning nazi's who couldnt understand why he would want to do such a thing was priceless.

I have to say Fred's passing was quite a shock, dunno why, I think it seems all the people from my childhood are passing on, John Peel, Fred Dibnah who's next?
Jane from rainbow maybe? Certainly helped me through some confusing years :D

What a $hit month, first John Peel and now Fred Dibnah. I thought the bloke was a legend.

Never forget him honking the hooter just before he felled a 200ft chimney along a narrow street - class.
Yeh, i heard he had so much respect for the chimney that he refused to use HE to bring it down.

Instead he removed a few bricks, held it up with wooden props, then set fire to the said props, retired to a safe distance and watched in awe as the chimney crumbled into a pile of bricks

guy had a passion for engineering and life (in that order) and never hurt no-one.


agent smith
All round good bloke in my book. I know nothing about the technical aspects of what he did yet I remained fascinated by his simple charm and love of engineering in it's many forms.
He was absa fluckin lutely hilarious in his dealings with Mrs Dibnah as well...
Respect due to a great man who had solid belief in what he wanted to achieve. He always reminded me of my grandad, and I will admit when I heard the news I was a bit tearful. People from the old school of no nonsense engineering are sadly a dying breed, saw blaster bates the other year in scunthorpe, amazing setting off det cord on stage at 83 (or somethin like that) amazing! Long may they live in spirit.
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