Fred Dibnah Walt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rawhide, Jul 31, 2013.

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  1. I watched a programme last night where it appeared old Fred had be reincarnated into Wolverines Bastard Child called Guy Martin.

    Seemed like quite a likeable chap even though I could only understeand every 3 words.

    Are there any chimneys left for him to blow up?
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  2. He does a little bit of motorbiking stuff as well.


    and I'd love to blow his chimney.:smooch:
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  3. A typical Martin sentance goes like this "All right Boss? Hey Chief, these Victorians they were mad but brilliant, eh Boss?"
    He's a bit mad his sen like.
    If you want to see how mental watch the Isle of Man TT doco 'Closer to the edge.' Mental, boss.
    TT3D : Closer To The Edge - Official Trailer [HD] - YouTube

    Not sure if I want to blow his chimney though.
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  4. Or climb up his stack

    Drive his train into your tunnel

    Let him ride you like his Suzuki
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  5. Believe Fred Dibnah was in 14/20 H,NS?
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  6. Yes basically ended up as a regimental handy man. He said once they realised how handy he was to have about the place he was generally left to his own devices as he was always covered in shite and doing odd jobs about the place.
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  7. You forgot the tea addiction
  8. Until he blew up the cookhouse trying to remove its chimney.
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  9. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs

    I was home on leave for the TT once. My mate was racing the sidecar section and lost his passenger on the Parliament square corner in Ramsey during practice, so the twat came banging on my door having figured I was going to be the fittest candidate.

    I can only describe the Isle Of Man TT as a near death experience and we didn't even win or come close.

    Mental boss. Fucking mental.
  10. He never told me that one!

    He used to visit the Vulcan foundry in Newton-le-Willows when I worked there, he was very good friends with the head of the machine shop and the training school so was always getting bits machined that were snuck in through the back door.
    He often used to wander in and just potter about with no one batting an eyelid.

  11. I do have an (shit) anecdote for Fred.

    His last wife bought a house next door to mine in blackpool (she rented it out), she didnt share the cost of a fence either and Fred never came round.

    She introduced herself as, "Im Fred Dibnahs wife you know".

    I hope he spaffed on her tits before he shuffled off, the golddigger.
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  12. Rawhide,

    One of the old workshops at Vulcan was known as the dungeon, used for storage for the odds and sods that accumulated from the test bed and development dept. Stuff going back to early steam days, he was always mooching through old cases of bits.
    Apparently he went in one morning at 10am and didn't come out until gone 1 am when his wife phone the factory and someone went looking for him.
    Lost in his own world of mechanical bits and bobs.
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  13. At first I thought this thread was going to be about TheIronDuke.
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  14. The series has its good point, but a lot of it was played for effect. Sort of like a Top Gear version of Dibnah.

    Seems like a likeable bloke though.
  15. He got the idea of blowing up chimneys after trying to light a "puffing billy".
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