They may be freaks but admit it, you would throw one up the daughter wouldnt you
why did they wait until one married a Christian? what is wrong with their community? we'd have run them out years ago just for looking weird.
Royston Vasey?
Have you seen some of the comments?

Everyone read the article and there's not a single quote from the family saying it's because they're daughter married a Christian. Typical DM. What else would you expect but to blame Muslims without a single piece of evidence.
- Jenny, Stoke, 04/8/2011 12:47
Mr Parvez says, "'We're being punished for our daughter's decision. We just want to live our lives in peace."
Seems like you missed that one then.
Dozy bitch!

'Family of albino Muslims terrorised after one of them marries a Christian man'-------------------- Yet another false headline from the dm. The bloke 'thinks' it may be because his daughter married a Christian but there's no evidence to support that particular version...I hope the scum are caught fast.
- Tim , Hull, 04/8/2011 12:43
In what way is it false?
Their problems started when it became known that their daughter had married a Christian.

I've read this article 3 times trying to see the proof that points at Muslims doing this or the family quoting it's Muslims, and have yet to find it. The sad thing is albinos are discriminated against by some whereever they may live because they are very rare and unfortunately an "easy target" for bullies. I'm 64 and have never seen an albino in my life. The bloke himself said they were bullied alot at school. It's despicable and needs to stop.
- Trevor, Coventry, 4/8/2011 13:11
Try reading it again and using your common sense gland (if you have one) Who else would care that their daughter had married a Christian?

Eager to place the blame on anyone except Muslims and their particular brand of prejudice. Another view could be that because they deem it 'honour violence' it is to be tolerated.

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