Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biped, Oct 15, 2009.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There I was, browsing the informative and in-depth stories in that rather high-brow Newspaper 'The Telegraph', when I noted an article on Gymnastics.

    For research purposes I thought I'd give it a glance or three, but the first picture that caught my eye was this shocker:


    There's something badly, badly wrong with that picture, and I think it's something to do with those bendy dolls kids used to play with in the 80's.

    I'm now going back for another peruse.

  2. Go on admit it you would though.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It gets worse!

  4. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Or better.

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  5. Good job shes neatly trimmed her bush otherwise otherwise she'd just look wierd....
  6. I would. Here's little Becky in other poses.

    Becky Wing




    And before anyone gets confused . . . . she's 17. :twisted:
  7. Thanks for posting that educational link.

    If they hadn't posted the girls age I would have thought the lack of spiders legs peeping from beneath the straining leotard would have been to their extreme young age, but no, they must work hard lathering up and applying the BIC Razor, at least with their flexibility they would be able to see what they are doing.

    I think I may go back for another look
  8. Admit it biped, this is just cheap porn isn't it.

    And why not? I admire you're ingenuity.
  9. My age... 8)
  10. Thank you i have just spaffed all over the place !
  11. [​IMG]

    Dear Lord, what is that? Shouldn't "It" be phoning home or healing a wound with strangley large finger? Burn it!

    Still would though
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm wounded by that accusation sir.

    This is no more than a discussion and investigation of the peculiar biological shape variations that appear to occur during top-level gymnastic events, highlighted by the somewhat exciting mid-air, full frontal, well focused, professional and timely photography that has caught the moment.

    I can also confirm, now, that the unfortunate incident that occured at my desk was not, as suggested, me 'throwing one off, violently, in paroxyms of ogasmic extasy', but merely the spillage of my morning bowl of hot porridge, which caused me to burn my lap, and thus shout and throw myself to the floor, gasping. I will take all legal steps to protect my good name.
  13. Is that talc on her muff or is last night's man batter showing through?
  14. Possibly a bit of both. Look at the poor creatures arms, it's cruel to let it live like that. Someone put it out of it's misery.
  15. There's never a wrong time to post a picture of a Frenchie swamping herself in mid-air.

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