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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by JRHartley, Dec 5, 2005.

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  1. Thanks to lower infant mortality rates, better quaility housing standards and some degree of health/welfare system and a policy of 'care in the community' ; the number of chromasomally challenged f*ckwitted hippocrabapiggymoose has reached an all time high. Couple this with ready availability of t'internet access their social interaction is no longer confined to involvement in thier local walty society for the re-enactment of "Worldwaltnamstartrekwarsbuffythemutantninjadeepspacenineturtlefrommars." There now stands the capacity for the average window licker to reach a whole new audience. This has now reached the stage where the average Google search has transformed itself into an all expenses paid visual journey and celebrative festival of mans capacity to horrify with nothing more than access to a fancy dress box,ann summers catalog and a mate with a digital camera.

    I managed to take a few snaps along the way on my latest journey through 'The big wide (and frankly scary) World' that is known a Google search. here's a selection of Freaks.

  2. There's these two! 8O

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  3. Isn't Mr horny head the bloke from all the '70's porno movies?
  4. If its freaks you're looking for, try Googling "Cliff Yablonski hates you" 8O
  5. Basttards!


    I was told my Mr ARRSE picture would only be viewable in the restricted forum.

    Now I find it spread around t'internet. BB & Minxy - you have some explaining to do ladies!