My son bought a computer of a local lad on e bay, when he got it home the spec was way below that stated. He contacted the guy and did a deal where the seller would payback £60 to upgrade the low parts. Payment promised but not received after two months, despite going round, speaking to him, dropping legal letter through the door etc,
. Always a promise but no monies. Where do I stand, ???
Short of ripping his head off, and defecating down his neck, which in my current job would be frowned upon, what action can I take,
My son is 17, at college and gets £30 a week for a days work at a nursing home, so can ill afford to be ripped off by a Scrote.
What are my options?


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if it was a paypal transaction then you should have just applied for a refund. not sure how the timeline works but send ebay customer support a line.

how low a spec was it? a lot of people don't check, just list what comes up on the ebay sales screen which is usually wrong.
short of rearranging his face with the computor their isn't much you can that will acheive anything.
Ebay will just **** you off, he wont pay. you could go to court and get a court order which he still wont pay. Either swallow yer loses or kick his **** in, or both.


Your knackered mate, eBay and PayPall offer a 45 day grievance policy. Happened to me some penis said they had posted, then said they would refund once the Royal Mail had refunded them. Comms stopped after the 45 day mark.

PayPall and eBay said claim from your bank.


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if you have a copy of the advert on e bay and you have gone over the complaints time write mr x a letter saying as you are aware xxxxx you promised refund of xxxx and to date it not here please remitt in seven days or i shall be forced to taKE recourse in the county courts small claims Division where costs AND interest may be accrued. I fank you .

if you feel really mean please be aware that such a judgement if fo8und against could adversely affect your credit rating .

pop to ye local county court l and they will help you with everything , on the whole they are really helpfull


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My son bought a computer of a local lad on e bay, when he got it home the spec was way below that stated.
My son is 17.

What are my options?
At 17 he is big enough to sort his own problems. One option is to tell him to learn from his mistakes and not bother his old Dad with his self inflicted problems.


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if its a business then you could threaten him with a winding up order.


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just out of interest what was below spec?
Balaclava job...........or the small claims court.

The later will be less satisfying but at least you wont end up doing time ,

Money Claim Online

Make sure you use the individuals name on the claim form , complete it and email him a copy and let him know you will send it in in 7 days unless you receive full payment , this works 9 /10 times .
At least your son has learnt a lesson in life, for a relativly low financial loss. As solicitors always say "buyer beware". The other option is to find him and rip his head off. But then your son will probably end up in court.

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