Fraud rules halt troops family gifts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Another debacle that lowers morale :roll:

  2. Quote: "Thousands of soldiers posted to Iraq and Afghanistan had hoped to use the internet to order gifts and to arrange their deliver..."


    .........just think how many families are going to miss out on their 100,000 Malbro Lights this year? ;-)
  3. This is crap. I've ordered internet stuff while in theatre.

    The required address is the billing address. ie the HOME address. Unless you register for a credit card while in theatre (which is just stuuuuuuupid).

    Yet more Govt bashing, for no reason.
  4. Yet again, a longstanding problem seems to have taken the government by surprise.

    StabTiffy - what of those of us who are in, for example, NI? We can use security spoof addresses, but I've found that they get rejected by the software too, because so many people are using the same address. Parcels also take much longer to get here with the spoof addresses. If you are in Germany (or other overseas posts), your home address is the BFPO address. Get some in, then you can tell us about it.
  5. This is quite correct, however for those in static BFPO locations e.g. this may be a problem, but again only if the billing address for the card is the BFPO address.

    Anyone in the military should always keep billing addresses in UK...this way they build a credit rating and do not suffer at a later date.
  6. Read Postie's comment. If you don't have the common sense to get around these problems, the you shouldn't have the cheek to lecture me.
  7. That's all very well - provided you have somewhere. I have, but find that Royal Mail's forwarding service (which I have to pay for) is hopelessly unreliable (30+ pieces of mail not forwarded in a 2 month period, on average), so I don't use it for anything financial. Some companies will only send to the billing address - if it needs to be signed for, a UK billing address isn't much use if no-one's at home. You can still maintain a credit record with a BFPO address.

    In any case, why shouldn't the system be able to accommodate service personnel with BFPO addresses?
  8. What experience informs your opinions, StabTiffy?
  9. That'd be my experiance. Like I said, this is based on idiots, who can't think for themselves. The rest of us would find a solution instead of blaming the Govt for everything.
  10. Stabtiffy and Postie have got it about right.

    I took a walk down the corridor to discuss this. As ever with press reporting there is an element of truth but not the whole truth.

    The vast majority will not have a problem. If however, you have no UK bank account, no credit history and try to use an op BFPO number for credit then you'll have problems.

    I would contenence against using the spoof address in NI (I did it once for a driving licence and it caused me all sorts of problems). I have used BFPO numbers for credit card addresses and other uses. There are some firms who do not understand what BFPO is all about (they are reasonably rare); more irritating is when you get a telephone operator who does not understand the issues (or does not want to) and doesn't know how to do manual inputs instead of UK postcodes.
  11. You can't even spell experience. If you read the OP you will see that the current difficulty is due to newly-introduced anti-fraud measures, so I'm still not clear why you think that the fact that you were able to successfully order things in theatre means that nothing has changed. Unless, of course, you are just being deliberately ill-mannered and vexatious. In any case, it seems that the banks agree that the situation needs to be changed, so the sooner they do it the better.
  12. I think there is probably a difference between being a sprog and still having your home and billing address for your "abbey national young starters credit card" address as "Mum and dads"
    and being an old sweat with family moving from pillar to post every X number of years.

    On a similer note, I couldn't get interest free credit on a sofa this year because my CC wasn't registered to the delivery address (I hadn't moved in yet)

    I've never experienced delivery issues to a BFPO address, but have always had a UK registered address, never experienced BFG and its admin complexities

  13. MODBloke - I have a UK bank account, a credit history and tried unsuccessfully to use an op BFPO number only last week. The company (Hawkshead) told me that my order was rejected because the postcode automatically triggered a fraud warning - they were aware that this was not a fraud attempt, and took the order manually. There is a wider problem here, which is the incompatibility of the BFPO postcode format with the software used by many internet suppliers. PayPal, for example, won't allow BFPO addresses.
  14. Good spot :wink:

    MoD bloke implies that he is in an area which has more information available, Postie's name implies knowledge and I have access to additional information on the subject.

    This, combined knowledge, is better than a bloke who "once ordered a kettle while in Germany".

    I admit that there are areas where the Govt needs to improve with regards to the forces. However, people need to learn to wipe their own arrses. Can't get credit? Tough t1tty.

    It's called planning ahead.
  15. The 'combined knowledge' is meaningless unless the information is qualified.

    I was right. You are ill-mannered and vexatious.