Fraud inquiry after Essex firm collapses

I know a few ppl that have been stung by this, glad I never went with them.

BBC News - Fraud inquiry after Essex firm collapses
Tell me something new, this kind of thing has happened time & again for as long as I can remember.

The military never learns. It is not the first & it certainly won`t be the last time that some Arthur Daley type comes along charming the great naive do gooders responsible for welfare & amenities on army camps, otherwise known as the Cretins. Soon they are all best mates & our man Arthur is an utterly splendid chap for whom nothing is too much trouble.

Which is fine, till Arthur does a bunk or has sunk with everyone`s hard earned cash. What a big surprise. The Cretins should stick to what they know i.e. running an army. But they just cannot resist the lure of getting involved in big business can they. If they think they know what`s best for the soldier & want to let the fox in to the chicken coop in the first place, then maybe they need to be prepared to get their cheque books out when their erstwhile best mate, who had their implied stamp of approval, goes belly up.

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