fraud at the mod

last night on channel 4 news theres was talk of investigation into an ongoing fraud costing several million invovling phatnom soldiers :(
Could this be the reason that they say ther isn't too much of a short fall in manpower but everyone sees there is? Plenty of blokes on paper but not all of them are real?


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Fraud is a serious issue . Extract from an open source article on at :

In a nationwide force, it is easy for rumours to become urban myths which breed misconceptions and prejudice. There are myths a-plenty about the MDP Fraud Squad and what happens on the top floor of building 1071 at Wethersfield. DCI Robbie Allen of the Fraud Squad asked TALK THROUGH to help tackle some of the misconceptions.

Let’s tackle the last one first. Any fraud that diverts resources away from the frontline defence of the UK is damaging and dangerous and costly. The taxpayer rightly expects the MOD to use its money effectively, and our Armed Services deserve the best equipment and support. The end result of undetected fraud is a weakening of our Defence capacity, and a threat to our servicemen and women, and we shouldn’t tolerate it. Just because you can’t see the crime it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

“As for the notion that Squad enquiries never end and never go anywhere, it’s just another urban myth,” says DCI Allen, “one of the CID’s and hence Fraud Squad’s key targets is to reduce the time spent on enquiries by 10 percent. Whilst some cases dealt with by Area CID may have employed two officers for a year on relatively small frauds, the co-located resources and expertise of Squad officers means that much larger cases can be cracked more quickly. That’s more efficient, and it’s certainly more
satisfying to the officers involved.”

In the past, there was a fairly strict £75K threshold before the Squad would pick up a case, “But that level has been relaxed, “explained Det Supt Neill Berry, Head of the Fraud Squad. “We now have a quicker system for accepting and issuing work to our officers.
Part of this has come about through a close relationship with the Defence Fraud Analysis Unit — the DFAU.

Reports of suspected frauds can come directly through the Fraud desk, but they are usually reported to the DFAU and then referred to the Squad.

The Fraud Squad as we know it today can trace its roots back to 1st November 1976, when a few detective officers led by a DI were brought together to investigate fraud. The title changed to the Serious Crime Squad for a few years before reverting to the Fraud Squad, and the numbers have grown over the years.

“Since then,” explained Det Supt Berry, “our reputation has been enhanced by consistently high performance. We cost £1.8 million a year to run which is often more than matched by the monies recovered annually. In the financial year so far,
we have recovered £1.9 million, and that figure is often dwarfed by the
value of the potential frauds we detect or disrupt”.

The DFAU was set up to counter fraud cases in MoD. I'm sure they can speak for themselves but this is from the 2003/04 Annual Report at

1. A re-launch of the joint Defence Fraud Analysis Unit (DFAU) and MoD Police fraud awareness
programme, which included the provision of 115 presentations during the year, sustained the rising trend of
whistleblowing disclosure identified in previous years. This contributed to the total of 356 suspected cases of
irregularity, fraud, theft and corruption recorded by the DFAU in 2003-04 with an estimated value of £2.11M.
Suspected contract fraud accounted for 49 cases; the large increase over previous years was primarily
accounted for by theft of assets related to Op TELIC. The increase in reported suspected fraud was marginal.
Further initiatives included the launch of the DFAU internal website and the development of an interactive
electronic learning module, designed to teach risk awareness. To support new initiatives and a more proactive
role, including full interaction between all business areas and the development of data-mining techniques, the
DFAU began the process of recruiting additional staff.
Anyone in the Armed Forces or MoD employment (including contractors) can contact the DFAU/MDP hotline on 0800 161 3665 if they suspect fraudulent activity is taking place.....and recent legislation has been put in place to protect employees who blow the whistle.

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It is here in the Mail on Sunday

Army Fraud

Defence personnel are alleged to have stolen millions of pounds by paying expenses and wages to hundreds of "ghost soldiers", it has emerged.
The Ministry of Defence is investigating the scam in which at least £2.5 million was reportedly siphoned off.

The Mail on Sunday said the probe centred on the army's Adjutant General's Office in Britain which handles pay and expenses for tens of thousands of personnel.

It reported that the scam has been going on for several years and was uncovered in January after relatively low-paid soldiers were found to be spending huge sums on fast cars, lavish holidays and expensive homes.

British servicemen and women in the UK and others stationed in Brunei were said to be involved.

The alleged fraud was believed to involve payments to at least 650 imaginary troops, enough to form an entire regiment.

Defence sources told the newspaper that a large number of suspects have been interviewed and hundreds of witnesses could be called at a court martial.

An MoD spokeswoman said: "I can confirm that an investigation is being conducted by RMP Special Investigation Branch into an alleged fraud."

Tory Homeland Security spokesman Patrick Mercer, a former infantry commander, called for Defence Secretary John Reid to take action.

He said: "This sort of thing is immensely damaging to morale on the front line. While fighting soldiers are risking their necks every day, this type of scandal among the chaps they call the base-rats is exactly the sort of thing that erodes fighting spirit. Mr Reid must get a grip on this disgraceful situation at once."
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Thanks....hey Hippy, how about re-titling the thread << ARMY FRAUDSTERS STING THE SYSTEM....>> ...if RMP are investigating, it is because SERVICE personnel are prime suspects.

( bloody Mail....always trying to get Civil Serpents to self-immolate.....BARSTEWARDS....)

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