Fraud and Sub-Standard Manufacture in MOD and Infrastructure Supply Chain

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The Lucas Aerospace and other UK companies, sued by USA Attorney General early 90s, have been mentioned on threads before.

In October BAe manufacturing shortcomings came to light in the Typhoon project.

Earlier this year, I think reported on threads, I obtained and provided Lord Carlile a copy of the report into the serious nuclear incident at Devonport 2012 due to backup generator failure. And after that an engineer came forward and I added historical unreliability information about Dungeness A emergency shut down backup generators. I also reported same to nuclear watchdogs.

In January 2014 Tom Parker of the notorious paedo mercenary Parker twins was sentenced to 28 years for historical rape of a six year old girl. But his twin Ken had the charge ordered to lay on file because in 1980 he was almost certainly in nick having been sentenced to four years, on 20th Dec 1979, for theft of quarry explosives in Warwickshire.

It emerged that the Parkers were in fact mercenaries subject of the 1994 Desmond Tutu Commission of Inquiry re mercenary attack on Mandela Regime.

Regular readers will know that mercenary Ronnie DEUSTER and Searchlight magazine gave evidence.

And that a Ronnie DEUSTER used a correspondence address of Royal Temple Yacht Club Ramsgate KENT

In 1996 Searchlight (possibly not the most reliable source) published 3 reports about the preparation in KENT of the mercenary attack and the involvement in this of Ramsgate based League of Saint George (Yes that same mob of IRA supportive nazis who were involved with certain paramilitary training activity at Deal Barracks KENT)

It seems entirely reasonable that the Parkers should now be interviewed re their recruitment and preparation for their mercenary deployment against Mandela Regime.

You may also recall a few years ago that Kent Chief constable Mike FULLER did not have the courage of his coverups. Presented with a High Court Statement of Truth "Sign here Kent Head Ploddie to "backup" your position. Just sign to say there was no sabotage at Petbow Cummins backup generators". And poor lil Mikey bottled. He refused to sign.

As has often been mentioned Calamity Ann Barnes the PCC has covered for her plod since she was with Kent Police Authority. And Kent PCP has a strange complaint handling process against Calamity Ann now IE They automatically send complaints to her office to ask if she wants to be complained against !

Also this year there was a parole hearing for Anthony SWINDELLS the murderer of 6th Thanet Gun range member ex MI5 Ken SPEAKMAN. And it was reported to Parole Board that the KENT murder inquiry must have misled the Court when they claimed to have checked every person surname TOMBS in UK.

And in May 2014 Theresa May asked National Crime Agency to investigate but her terms of reference need to be clarified as yet for the purpose of complaint against Mrs BARNES PCC.

Anyway legal blah blah cannot be judge in your own cause. The Kent PCC office poodle her CEO Mike STEPNEY. Is falsification of company test records and/or sub standard manufacture within his professional experience ? Or does he deny it occurs at all ? Mr STEPNEY Mr STEPNEY !!!!

He is being silent so far. Mike STEPNEY was previously with MOD/RAF responsible for the Typhoon Project. And as you know after gaining the Devonport backup genny failure report earlier this year the helpful dockyard sources also reported BAe and Sea Wolf sub standard manufacture, product recalls and factory test fraud prior to Falklands. Same story as already known about Plessey Torpedos. 100% secret product recalls. Test falsifications. Special Branch chasing non-existent saboteurs.

Not that there could be anything in the history Mr STEPNEY would rather was kept quiet ?

The new Chief Executive of IPCC well she has a degree in probability and statistics. So she has been asked to run her expert brain over the probability and reliability expectations history for Petbow Cummins generators. Where there was a saboteur who in fact also had a degree in stats but also in applied maths. Hope the IPCC CEO doesn't get the public sector parasite sulks that the saboteur is actually better qualified then her and she is being asked to put her degree studies to use and sign her findings ? Will she take the Mike FULLER precedent and refuse to sign ?? Next thing the Attorney General will set her up a sinecure with CPS and drag her out of firing line. What a CPS team her and FULLER !

Kent Plod what are they like eh ? Will Warwickshire Police now interview the Parkers given that Kent has long since failed to do it ??


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