Franz Kafka was a W@n*^r - Official

Acclaimed by many as one of the greatest authors of he last century. And I would agree with that.

However, his secret stash of Frankie was discovered and then kept hidden. Until now, when's it has been admitted that Franz like to tug one off. And, it's not to the pre-1914 version of the Littlewoods catalogue's lingerie section either but pretty strong stuff.

Here's the link

However, it's a bit below the belt for Franz's frapping material to be pored over by academia now. I wonder if any arrsers would be chuffed if this happened to them after they've gone?

However, I do know of one bloke who was caught (alive) slumped in front of his PC screen, trousers at ankles, with fur all over the screen, ASLEEP. His missus wasn't too chuffed. The hero in question assures (although I'm not sure his missus believes him) that his stash is no more. In his case, discovery of his stash would probably have been better after his demise..... which I understand he managed to sweet talk his way out of! :p
Kafka might have been a great Author of his time, but now it has been found that he was nothing but a pervert. For Edwins information, millions if not billions) of normal people do not indulge in porn, a small minority do as they can not get their kicks any other way.

Stone, Enger, Germany
Well. that's a bit rich given the putative address of the correspondent.

I still have nightmares about my first trip to the, "Riverboat," in Celle. You never saw that in Embra!

As to, "discovering," porn, our copyright libraries are chock full of the stuff - including the more specialised material for the discerning gentleman.

All you need are the balls to have it brought to your desk in the company of a hundred or so other readers.
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