Frankie Gavin

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by headlikeajerrycan, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. One of our best hopes for a gold in Beijing, the boxer Frankie Gavin, has had to pull out due to not making the weight.

    What a shame for the young lad. An outstanding talent, he must be gutted that his dream is over before even putting on a glove. Does make me wonder why this problem was not dealt with sooner, if Kerry Kayes is to be believed from the first article.
  2. I was gobsmacked upon hearing this.

    How on earth can you not make weight for the freaking Olympics??

    There's definitely more to this going on than meets the eye.

    I think the boy's head has been turned by certain people dangling the riches of a pro career before him and telling him not to bother.

    Agents really are the biggest cnuts of our times.

    Damned shame as well. Great things were expected from this boxing squad, the strongest we've ever sent to an Olympics.

    I really hope it doesn't affect the others too much.
  3. It has to be his trainers fault. He must have known weeks ago. He was over 3lbs overweight.

  4. I do not disagree