Frankie Boyle sues Mirror

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. Comedian Frankie Boyle is suing the Mirror newspaper for libel, over an article which labelled him racist.
    He is complaining about a story published on 19 July, which said he was in talks for a new series on Channel 4.
    The first sentence read: "RACIST comedian Frankie Boyle could soon be returning to TV despite upsetting thousands of viewers".

    The Mirror says it will defend itself "on the basis of truth and fair comment".
    The trial, at the High Court in London, is expected to last a week.

    Would not call Frankie a racist, a bigot, homophobic and twat yes!
    All of this is allegedly in case Frankie's reading arrse!
  2. I think he's as funny as fuck, and will have a rip at anything for a laugh.

    Almost like here
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  3. Of course he his racist,He his a sweaty whats wrong with that?.
  4. You'd think he could take a joke...
  5. We need people like him to defend our right to offend the sort of prick who wants to take that right away from us. We're most of the way down the Orwellian path now; he's almost the last hope.
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  6. It'll be settled out of court, pity as it'd be interesting.

    Can you be a racist comedian without being a racist? He's always doing down his fellow porridge munchers (can you munch porridge????) as drugged up pasty skinned alchies, so the Mirror has a point.
  7. I think if you can rip the piss out yourself, be it your race, hair colour, nationality, then as long as it's balanced you can rip at anyone.

    ie One ginger jock joke doesn't get you an evening of Gibsons dog, but neither should it all be measured 1:1

    Absolutely everyone will make some disparaging remark about various other identifiable groups (women drivers, men & toilet seats, polish builders etc) at some time or other, and the previously mention orwellian control will never get rid of it.
  8. Most 'comedians of colour' I've ever heard have made jokes at the expense of us palefaces.

    Can they go to the naughty step as well please?

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  9. Is the step in oogo boogo land?
  10. South London?

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  11. Meh, you say potato, I say cassava root
  12. There's a world of difference between being edgy, telling jokes about racial stereotypes and being a racist. Calling him a racist comedian actually brands him as racist first and comedian second. A Scottish comedian doesn't necessarily make jokes about Scotland but he is Scottish. A newspaper should know the difference.
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  13. That's what he'd be saying if Katie Price had opened up the big can of legal whup ass after he said Harvey would rape her, and she needed a cage fighter to protect her from that fate...

    He also suggested that Price and Andre were in some sort of legal battle to NOT get Harvey.

    The problem with being an 'edgey' comedian, is that you occaisionally go over the edge, or are perceived to be.

    If he'd just said, actually Mirror group that anything perceived as racist was sarcastic in its use (which to be fair i think it generally is) and requested a retraction, I'd say crack on... but sueing?
  14. Petrsonally I can't stand him. Or the Daily Mirror come to that. Made for each other.
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  15. I think he's had this conversation before, perhaps you need to make a stand once in a while to make your point