Frank Kitson

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by kabulronin, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. I'm trying to get hold of "A Bunch of Fives" and "Gangs and Counter Gangs."

    Can anyone help please.

    Also "British Army in Ulster Vol 4."
  2. Try

    or Barnes & Noble,

    they both have some of Kitson, but at high prices for what you're asking. :(
  3. I'm in the US- there are 2 copies listed for sale on Amazon (US) (2nd hand obviously) and both are priced at $900.
  4. Queensman, please steal a copy for me.
  5. Did I say 'steal'? Sorry, I meant, of course, borrow! Do you have libraries in the New World?
  6. You can also try Ebay, from time to time his books come up. At the moment there are 16 offers, none of the titles your're asking for though. He's been very popular lately, so it will cost you.
  7. QM, I think THEY have libraries over here in the colonies but I really don't expect a library in Baltimore to stock such material.

    And given that Mickey Spillane is their greatest contribution to world literature one doesn't ecpect much from them.
  8. Thanks GG- and wasn't "Rage" a great book!
  9. Matey, if only you'd asked me 32 years ago - he was my Old Man's boss in Lubbecke (HQ 2 Armd Div) then and EVERYONE had a bloody copy of his wretched books. Mind you most people had drawings done of their kids too, done by his Mrs - dreadful, but no-one dared to complain!
  10. Sounds dreadful! I read Low Intensity Operations back then and still have it but never owned the other two.

    I have to say I think if people went back to LIO they might learn a bit....
  11. Indeed it was a great read!

    I started on Damaged (Conway's first book) - an utterly mindbending experience. His new book - interestingly titled The Afghan Guides - is due out in April of next year.

    I might actually have two copies of one of Kitson's books, so I'll check.
  12. I never found Damaged over here.

    And thanks for looking, if you have a spare I can give you a UK address to send it to and refund the postage!
  13. "Gangs and Counter Gangs" is a tough one to find and usually sells for big money. I've seen it twice on eBay over the last three or four years and was outbidded each time.