Frank Flaherty

I've just heard via LinkedIn that Frank Flaherty has passed away. Am sure there will be many people on here who served with Frank over the years (personally, 14 Sigs esp during Op Granby). I don't know any other details at the moment but thoughts are with him and his family.

RiP Frank
Jesus, that's a shocker, Frank couldn't have been that old.

I can remember him as a SSgt at AMF and he was a top bloke.
A soldier's soldier; professional, dependable, loyal and determined. Frank will be sorely missed by those that had the honour of serving alongside him. Condolences to his family and many; many friends. RIP Big Man.
Terrible news all round, i spoke to him earlier this year and he suggested he was on the mend.

Absolute shock about the big man.

RIP Frank.
It's a great shame: my memories of Frank from 24 Brigade and 14 are of a larger than life character with a lively (!) sense of humour, and one who would do almost anything to keep a promise or deliver what was needed. He's died outrageously young: I hope it'll be a small comfort to his wife and son that he was held in such high regard and will be missed by his many friends.

RIP, Frank.

Sad day for someone so young to be taken like that....
Great memories of 14 with him, Rugby and Op Granby.
The EWLO Det is now a man down
You're off duty now mate. sleep well
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